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Looking to buy a headset for under 50$

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User Info: CNLSanders

3 years ago#1
I've always played with just a pair of headphones and a tabletop microphone, but the mic broke so I figured I'd buy a headset as a replacement since the headphones aren't that great. I'd appreciate any input and suggestions. I prefer over ear rather than on ear, and inline volume control would be a great plus.

Here are the ones I have been eyeing so far. I like the Siberia V2s because I've tried them before and I love their quality and feel, but shipping would take up to three weeks. The Creative Fatal1ty are in second because of price.

Turtle Beach Z11

Logitech G230

Creative Fatal1ty

Turtle Beach X12

Steelseries Siberia V2

User Info: Th1rte3n

3 years ago#2
Steelseries Siberia V2, but in all honest something like the Sennheiser 439 and a dedicated mic would be miles better.

Turtle Beach and Creative headsets are terrible.
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User Info: JrTapia1991

3 years ago#3
I highly recommend the Turtle Beach X12s. Haters gonna hate. Not everybody is an audiophile
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