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Can you get wrist or hand problems playing pc games?

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User Info: Nightshift1983

3 years ago#1
The glass is half empty.

User Info: romsnbombs

3 years ago#2
Well it is like saying you can get aching muscles by bench pressing. You get used to it
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User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#3
I'd assume any of the same injuries as you'd come across in an office environment, repetitive strain, temporary aches, eye strain, the various problems caused by sitting in a chair for long periods, said chair collapsing, all that fun stuff.
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User Info: SonyHoundDawg

3 years ago#4
I don't see why not.

User Info: Psyborgasm

3 years ago#5
Friend got carpel tunnel from peogramming/gaming when he was 19. Should answer your question.

User Info: jake-sf

3 years ago#6
Depends. Sitting in a chair all day is not a good thing, for starters. Personally, I'd HATE having a desk job, you need to constantly get up and stretch yourself whenever you want, and if any part of you ache the wrong way, stop.

Sit straigth, at the right height feet flat on the ground, and have very comfortable positions for your arms. They need to be have elbows resting and the wrist needs to not be strained. I also personally need something soft under my arm and under my wrist.

Chair needs to be a good chair. Etc.

I'm no programmer but I essentially have been mostly a computer guy since I was a kid and I'm 24. I have no pains or physical problems related to computers. Just exercise some care.

User Info: KidInTheHall

3 years ago#7
Nah, my wrists typically get plenty of exercise.
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User Info: DRAGON07891230

3 years ago#8
I lay down when I use my desktop so it's not an issue for me. Depends on how you set it up.
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User Info: Loshadt

3 years ago#9
Short answer: possibly

Long answer: Of course you can in certain situations. Sitting still for excessively long periods of time can lead to potentially serious circulation issues. The key is moderation, especially if your job involves being at a computer. Get up and walk around for 5-10 minutes every hour or so, and make sure you take a decent break if you're starting to get sore. Using a palm rest makes a world of difference for me personally.
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User Info: Nenina

3 years ago#10
I don't know, I use a trackball for gaming and Photoshop and I feel fine.
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