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Goat Simulator, availible april 1st

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User Info: AnatomyHorror

2 years ago#11
Oops didn't even see this thread. Trailer is amazing.

User Info: Slayn

2 years ago#12
triple s posted...

Great parody trailer!

I laughed pretty hard when I realized it was a parody of Dead Island.

I hope this is real.
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User Info: FoxtheSly

2 years ago#13
Greatest Of All Time.

That's what this game will be.
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User Info: JhayCee

2 years ago#14
This is what Dead Island should have been.
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User Info: Apex-Player

2 years ago#15
=O Imagine the FaceRift version.
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User Info: runrom

2 years ago#16
Goat Simulator = Game of All Time.
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User Info: akuma634

2 years ago#17
I preordered it the other day. I didn't read a whole lot about it until recently. The game does remind me of Saints Row's fraud activities, especially the SR4 version where it's intentionally very glitchy and you fly off everything. A big draw is that it will have Steam Workshop support, a $10 game with an open invitation to create more content sounds like a great deal.

User Info: FlyinTonite

2 years ago#18
esrb rated g for:

goat action
goat language
goat use
goat nudity
goat suggestive themes
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User Info: VeryDarkSoul

2 years ago#19
FlyinTonite posted...
esrb rated g for:

goat action
goat language
goat use
goat nudity
goat suggestive themes

simulated goat lactation
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User Info: ThePredominate

2 years ago#20
As much as I can't wait to play this, I think it's pretty sad that this is the most hyped I've been for a game all year, considering it started off as a joke title.
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