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Has anyone ever played anything in this new humble bundle?

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  3. Has anyone ever played anything in this new humble bundle?

User Info: DetectivPenguin

3 years ago#1
I'm a pretty big gamer and have literally only even heard of one game in this bundle, Evoland, I actually played it and thoroughly enjoyed it as well, does anyone know anything about the rest of the games?
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User Info: DetectivPenguin

3 years ago#2
After watching gameplay from all 6 the only other one I recognize the gameplay of is offspring fling, but still did not at all recognize the title, def see a bit of it somewhere before.
What is today but yesterday's tomorrow?

User Info: VIP86

3 years ago#3
Offspring fling, I've heard of, haven't really heard anything else.

User Info: KillerTruffle

3 years ago#4
Evoland I've seen on Steam, but haven't played it. Reviews said it was rather generic, IIRC. I've heard of Offspring Fling, Anodyne, and Incredipede, but none of them have interested me enough to consider the bundle.
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User Info: r0ge00

3 years ago#5
I've wanted to try Defender's Quest. I might pick up the bundle now that I saw I don't have Evoland or Anodyne.

User Info: nickyd123

3 years ago#6
Evoland is a nice nod to some older RPG games but fails to really stand out as it's own game. Plus it's short as heck. It's not a bad game, just not worth the $9 I spent when it first came out.
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User Info: Zohar_Metatron

3 years ago#7
Offspring Fling's pretty good. I did not like Evoland personally-it's an interesting idea that's seriously underemployed in favor of creating the tiniest generic JRPG ever.

I like Anodyne quite a lot, but it falls very much into the "art" category, and it's a little too vague for its own good, though the gameplay bits are solid enough, and the endgame powerup, wherein you swap map titles around and can cold walk off the map, is a neat idea. Your mileage will seriously vary.
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User Info: SinisterSlay

3 years ago#8
Defenders quest is a very good tower defense game. It's worth it for that.
Evoland was fun but short.
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User Info: Hanlo_is_back

3 years ago#9
Only one I've played is Anodyne, which is really good if you're in to the older Zelda games
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User Info: jokujokujoku

3 years ago#10
NEO Scavenger is a hardcore survival game. I've played it for several hours a few months back. It's challenging, fun, and the combat is surprisingly brutal. It's definitely worth a dollar.
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  3. Has anyone ever played anything in this new humble bundle?

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