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A bit worried about getting into PC gaming.

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User Info: kelemvor

3 years ago#21
I've only had one virus before, and it was on my 486 that I got from a shareware floppy disk.

Malware is another thing though. Just don't go to Torrent sites and you should be fine.
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User Info: ArkonBlade

3 years ago#22
AxelPoe posted...
I'm not that ''in the know'' when it comes to PC. I would like to get a gaming laptop, mainly for Minecraft, Steam, and Skype. But what is keeping me from investing is the hassle it is keeping up with a PC. Viruses, hacks, defrag, and all those issues I always see happening to PC gamers where the game just crashes and all you see are all these numbers and stuff. All these are the general idea why I still find console gaming best. Simple and easy, just get on and play.

Still, I would like to give PC gaming a try. Any advice for me on any of my stated points?

Thanks in advance.

Viruses - Get a good Antivirus and you will be just fine.

Hacks - never had my PC hacked or know some one who did. maybe some one had there account broken in to because they used lame pass words.

Defrags - your PC will scheadual a time to do that automatically.

Keeping up with PC - I am guessing u mean putting in new parts? The only thing you are ever gona be changing is your graphics card. That is super easy and wont even take you 5 minutes to swap them out. Other then that maybe adding more RAM. Again even easier open up your PC and slid your RAM in to the MoBo slot and you are done.

I don't persecute people like many on this board if they want to dip there feet in the PC gaming pool with a laptop as it normally ends up with them building a PC in the end. so it usually serves as a spring board to a desktop.

Know this though what ever you pay for a gaming laptop you could have spent on a far better gaming PC that would blow that laptop away and give you a much better gaming experience. You can't really do much upgrading to a laptop when it starts to get dated you have to go and buy a whole new one. As to where a Desktop all you have to really do is buy a new GPU.
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User Info: Ragnarokxv

3 years ago#23
Gaming on a laptop is usually something on the side, for people who own a desktop PC and want to do some light gaming when they're traveling. A proper desktop computer is the way to go. Do some research, pick your components and build it. It is fun. You will get the best value and the machine is tailor made for your usage requirements. You would end up spending twice as much on a laptop that performs worse than the alternative I've suggested. You also have to deal with crappy video drivers made for your particular laptop model that work poorly and aren't properly supported or updated. Laptops are much more likely to fail, usually due to overheating. If a single component craps out on a laptop you are screwed. The same thing happening on a desktop means you can simply replace that component.

If you want to do some gaming on a PC do it right :)
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User Info: phy2jsh

3 years ago#24
PharohofLaptops posted...
. I would like to get a gaming laptop

You're going to have to wait before it's created first.

This is the most poorly constructed sentence I have ever seen. You're winner. Conglaturation.

User Info: hakmiya

3 years ago#25
Don't even bother with trying to use a laptop to play pc games. If you are a student or something look for the cheapest and most basic laptop you can find and put the real money into a desktop.

It's not hard to keep up with driver updates and maintenance so there is nothing to worry there. However, weather or not PC gaming goes smooth for you or not really depends on how lucky you are and how much patience you have. Most people like to leave this out when trying to sell the hobby to new comers but PC can come with a lot of bs and can really test you.
For instance if you plan on building your own machine there's a chance you might revive a defected part in the mail. I personally was burned with this not too long ago when ordering some parts to upgrade our desktops and help a cousin build their first PC. After four hours of using a brand new build, Blue screen of death. Motherboard was screwed. Had to unplug everything,removed brand new thermal grease that was just bought, and had to disassemble a aftermarket cooler that was a pain in the ass to install before sending it back for a replacement.. Week and a half later we put in the second motherboard. Again Blue screen of death but this time it was easy to troubleshoot. An entire section of sata ports were only semi working. Out of irritation I just borrowed my brother and his kit and we gave the lower half of the board a ghetto maker over with a bunch of extra cables that can never be removed and got everything working. Then on a different machine a brand new hard drive failed right after re-adding 40 games to the steam library too. Took that back for a full refund.
I'm not sure if people at the amazon facilities like to play catch as they prep our stuff or these new UPS guys have butter fingers but I have never had such problems like that before. I used to be skeptical of people raging on hardware forums when they claimed to have back to back DOA components.

Then you could have errors when trying to play games. I remember nearly flat out quitting PC gaming years ago due to this crap. The final straw being EA releasing the 1.41 patch for BF2 completely screwed several clan mates and myself from being able to play online due to a CD-key error. After trying all the solutions some of use were told to buy a later copy of the game to eliminate the problem.
Now I'm being tested again. Ever since I've upgraded to the 290x's and windows 8.1 I cannot get grand theft auto 4 to run longer than 8 minutes without CTD. Can't use ssaa in certain games because it causing some weird graphical glitch with water and lights. Just bought the wticher 2 so I could finally play it for the first time but for some unknown reason I have to delete game files and patch it every time I want to launch it otherwise the program refuses to start.
AND steam messing with my Skyrim creation kit causing strange errors and crashes. Nothing a modded file from a "pirated" upload can't fix but still, DRM is nothing but unnecessary bs that increases chances of costumers running into errors and it's sad how it has taking over PC.

But yeah if your luck sucks, make sure you have a lot of patience and be prepaid to use google, a lot.
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User Info: TheHorrorNerd

3 years ago#26
That's how much a gaming laptop costs... Minimum...
Or you could roll up your sleeves and build one...
It's just like putting a puzzle together these days...
Can't imagine how hot that unit would run...
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User Info: Gjain

3 years ago#27
Lemur_H posted...
Exaggerated problems.

User Info: o0stoneduk0o

3 years ago#28
To be honest I have had a lot more problems when gaming on a consoles than I have using the pc, rrod for instance (twice). I sometimes had connectivity issues on my console when everything else was working fine (maybe an issue with my network but I don't know, at least when it goes down on pc you can have a real go at fixing it, console troubleshooting is rather limited). Anyway, just found pc has been less hassle overall. Unbiased opinion as I have spent many hours playing console and had a lot of fun.
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