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Finally got my SSD, question.

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User Info: TheSuspected

3 years ago#1
I'm living in a place where my internet has slowed to a crawl and I'd really rather not have to delete my current drive (HDD) since it is full of large games. I have no problem reinstalling Windows onto the SSD.

What my question is, could I fresh install to my SSD, make that the boot drive, and worry about my (current) Windows install later? Hell, could I just delete it? Or will I have to end up cleaning out the HDD later (which isn't a problem for when I get better internet again). Thanks for the help.
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User Info: blax34dm

3 years ago#2
I am not quite clear what you're asking, but I am pretty sure you will have no problem installing windows on the ssd, then in the bios telling it to boot from that drive, then adding your hdd and making it your D drive. After you make the ssd your boot drive it should recognize the Hdd as just an additional drive. Whether deleting windows from your hdd has any effect on things I am not positive.

User Info: drink

3 years ago#3
I think he is wanting to upgrade to SSD and connect the HDD as a 2nd drive. Due to slow internet, he wants to avoid redownloading his games and wants to run the games from the HDD.

The only issue I see is running the games as they would not be install in the new windows. You also could just clone the HDD to the SDD.
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User Info: temgun

3 years ago#4
Do you have an external drive? You could just copy the whole Steamapps folder to it and then format everything. You can then just copy the game to Steamapps->common and then install it. Steam will just see that all of the files already exist.

User Info: Fayceless

3 years ago#5
Are you using Steam? If so, you can tell steam to look at your steam folder that you already have and it will be able to load up your games. I'm not sure the "right" way to do it, but I just went to install a game, then told Steam to "create a new steam library" on my old HDD, then it immediately recognized all the games I had there.

I did pretty much the same thing you did, fresh install of Windows on a SDD, but I want to keep most games on my HDD since it's not that big of a factor in most games.

The one thing to keep in mind is that each game has a different place it might store saves, some of them might be saved in My Documents.

User Info: wildog2006

3 years ago#6
You could also use the SSD as a cache drive until you get somewhere with better service. Obviously it won't be as fast, but you won't have to worry about possibly having to redownload everything.
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User Info: macmahon187

3 years ago#7
After you install the second hard drive you can just copy your steamapps folder into the new steam app folder and everything will be fine.
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User Info: macmahon187

3 years ago#8
I've actually done this more than once and it can be upwards of 200 to 300 gigs. But it is still way faster than redownloading. Or you can just point steam to that folder but that would defeat the purpose of having a ssd.
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User Info: TheSuspected

3 years ago#9
Thanks for all of the information everyone, it all helped. I was just so excited that I forgot to come back.
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