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Mechanical Keyboard & Type of Switches...

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User Info: Gamerlicious

3 years ago#11
I have blues in my keyboard. Honestly it's great for typing, but they're rather loud and not very good for gaming. Stay away from blues if you plan on mostly gaming.
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User Info: Th1rte3n

3 years ago#12
Deck keyboards are definitely the most well build ones around, so if you're looking for a long lasting sturdy keyboard I would check them out.
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3 years ago#13
It is mostly personal preference. You should just go for the thing that feels best for you. Browns are kind of in between. So they are a safe be in the sense that it is unlikely that you will hate them.
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User Info: saltedham

3 years ago#14
black switches, im never going back. a bit firmer than reds

User Info: MC RaZaR

3 years ago#15
Using a Ducky Shine 3 with Cherry MX Browns and love it. You'll have to find out which switch you prefer.
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User Info: kill2this

3 years ago#16

User Info: Jprime666

3 years ago#17
I ordered a k70 with reds yesterday.

This information is useless to you.
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User Info: GunmaN1905

3 years ago#18
Comes with blue/black/brown/red keys, although idk if you guys in US ever really heard of roccat
(basically razer looks with german quality).
Absolutley perfect for me, I think steelseries is around the same quality but their keyboards lack extra macro keys.
Or you can take a look at logitech.
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User Info: BeerOnTap

3 years ago#19
Killah Priest posted...
Personally I like the cherry MX browns.

I like browns the best too. Not too loud but has a tactile click.

User Info: pitt12177

3 years ago#20
Get blues. Get o rings. Lessens the impact of the bottoming out sound and makes it closer to browns + it's not as scratchy.
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