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Girlfriend just broke up with me. Need a good game to get my mind away.

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  3. Girlfriend just broke up with me. Need a good game to get my mind away.

User Info: EnmaDaio2588

3 years ago#91
via text message? That's horribly rough...

Anyway, you're a PC gamer right? I would recommend either giving yourself a vast minecraft project or, download some NES games and try getting through those without save-scumming. Games like Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania, Gargoyle's Quest II...
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User Info: MikeDanger1

3 years ago#92
dead space

User Info: shuggyconehead

3 years ago#93
Mr_Delcroix posted...
KabtheMentat posted...
Gone Home.

He asked for games, not stupid feminist soap box tripe.

Gone Home is incredible sir! How dare you...

User Info: Kokuei05

3 years ago#94
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User Info: HylianKnight1

3 years ago#95
It's not an RPG, but Animal Crossing is a great game to get your mind off of things, it's definitely a laid-back, feel good game, with tons of personality.

User Info: DeltaBladeX

3 years ago#96
Figure out what this game is.
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User Info: tai2687

3 years ago#97
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User Info: Aldath

3 years ago#98
Man, I was on a 2 year relation ship with the love of my life and my first girlfriend ever, we were already planning our lives together when she broke up with me.

I can tell you and I don't wanna be blunt: no friggin game is gonna get you away from reality.

I tried MMOs, RPGs, Sims, and everything was just a boomerans since little details there made me think of her, specially since you're into RPGS that are well, meant to be emotional.

I know that feeling bro and I hope you recover soon.
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User Info: khunki

3 years ago#99
Nicodimus posted...
LOLIAmAnAlt posted...
Nicodimus posted...
You can absolutely please them, but to keep them interested, you don't get to open up to them. Once they feel like there is no more to mystery about you, nothing more to discover about you, their attraction level drops and they leave.

TL;DR: Date your women. Open up to your friends.

But this is what will eventually lead to divorce, if it continues that far (which is I assume what people want in the end, marriage and all)

You gotta be honest with them to find a lifelong mate...and if they find that to be boring, they ain't the one.
It's probably best in the end.

Open up with your friends? Well...your significant other should be your best of best friends. So I don't see where this is going.

What most often leads to breakups/divorce is this: The man thinks "I won. I got her. The game is over. Yay!" And he gets complacent with the relationship...does not notice that his wife's attraction level is dropping. He projects his happiness onto her instead of actually noticing the warning signs that she is becoming less and less satisfied. This is why so many guys say "I never saw it coming! She broke up with me out of the clear blue sky!"

Courtship is a neverending process. You never stop building attraction, and actively paying attention to her tone, body language, and actions. Part of building a woman's attraction is simply her perception that she doesn't know absolutely everything about you, and building anticipation for her spending time with you and finding out more. It doesn't mean you lie to her, it means you manage her perception of you so she doesn't get bored. It means never running out of things to talk about, because you didn't spend 4 hours on the phone every night for the first month you went out.

But your friends don't leave you once they get to know you. In fact, once they find out what you're about, they decide whether they like your company and like doing things with you or don't. Women shouldn't be any different.
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User Info: pitt12177

3 years ago#100
Do not listen to any relationship advice in this thread. None of it.
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  3. Girlfriend just broke up with me. Need a good game to get my mind away.

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