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Future build. Help and suggestions appreciated.

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User Info: gtaking5

3 years ago#1

So how'd I do for my first build? The past couple of days I've been researching(mostly CPU's and GPU) and this is what I've managed. Now since I'm not looking for anything doing anything crazy like maxing out Metro Last Light or BF4 so I think this'll suffice just fine for the foreseeable future. Now some questions...

Don't really have much questions, but would spending the probably 60 extra dollars be worth it for the 750TI, and will I be fine with the stock CPU fan, or should I get an aftermarket one.

As for price, the total is around $770 with tax and shipping included. I'd be willing to spend at least $850-900 if need be because I have most of that saved up and don't need to spend as much as I thought. I'm also not planning on buying it until at least another month or so, so prices are bound to change. But nothing too, too extreme please.

Notes:For the monitor I've been planning on using my TV, though I'll probably just get one from Futureshop. For the CD drive I was just gonna cannibalize an old computer in my closet and hope it works. I should also have a Windows 7 disc somewhere so the OS is covered.

That should be everything. Please be gentle. It's my first time.
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User Info: Snadados

3 years ago#2
The link right now shows you sitting at about $630 ($645 before the rebates) so you have room to upgrade if you want to spend $770.

Right now it looks like NCIX has a Gigabyte 750ti for $10 more than the one you are looking at.
I wouldn't spend $60 more than the one you currently are looking at as you should be able to find a 750ti close to $160 or so pretty frequently.

This is just a personal preference but I prefer to get RAM in sets of 2 (2x4gig) mainly for the purpose of redundancy.
If a stick is bad when you get it or goes bad in the future you have something to fall back on till you can get some replacement ram.

The power supply is serious overkill for your build. You could run two GTX 770s with that thing.
Power supplies are actually less efficient if you get a really powerful supply and put it in a system that only draws a small fraction of the PSU's rated power capacity.

Made a few changes to consider.
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User Info: gtaking5

3 years ago#3
Snadados posted...
The link right now shows you sitting at about $630 ($645 before the rebates) so you have room to upgrade if you want to spend $770.

I don't like using the PC Part Picker price. It doesn't show tax or Shipping. The actual price is around 760 bucks. I went ahead and calculated that already.

Let me go ahead and calculate your list with shipping and stuff...

The price of everything combined comes to 786.70. So not really as big an increase as I expected. I just said 60 dollar because S&H and tax in Canada really f***s you over.

I chose that PSU specifically because I was planning on getting it from Futureshop. I have $150 in gift cards so I was planning on using them to help ease the pain. But I did find a 550 watt PSU on Futureshop's website, so I changed it out for that.

Anything else I should know?

User Info: tiger8191

3 years ago#4
Don't buy Thermaltake. Nothing.

What 550 did you end up choosing. I suggest XFX.

That HDD is overpriced. Get a seagate barracuda or WD caviar blue instead. Same performance I suspect better price.

I would get a 2gb gpu. Your budget allows it. You'll be upgrading within 6 months if you don't. Spend it now.

User Info: gtaking5

3 years ago#5

Made some changes. Ignore the wifi card. It's just there to be there. Currently I don't have any viable means of getting an ethernet cable up to my room so wifi is the only way to go. That might change in a month or so, so I just included it because why not.

Also what's wrong with Thermaltake? From what I've seen and read the case is decent. But what case would you recommend?
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