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Need a new laptop.

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User Info: ilqs

3 years ago#1
Hello gfaqs, new to the forum.

Can anyone recommend a good laptop for gaming?

My current laptop is already 5 years old now and I would like to upgrade.

Currently a student, saved about the equivalent to 700$, give or take a few bucks.
A laptop would be well-suited for my needs as I am not home most of the time.
I know desktops would be better for gaming but I am always out and I can't bring a desktop with me anywhere.

Can someone recommend a good laptop? :)

Thank you :)

User Info: BobbyGoticks

3 years ago#2
"You'll need an $800 gpu to get anything above mid graphics on pc." -knightimex

User Info: Dorami

3 years ago#3
At your price range, I would say the Y410P.

But the successor the Y40 is about to come out, so I'd wait for that and save up a bit more. You waited 5 years. You can wait a few months more.
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User Info: PharohofLaptops

3 years ago#4
Can anyone recommend a good laptop for gaming?

Can't recommend something that doesn't exist.
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