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Is FF8 a good game if I'm not into Final Fantasy anymore?

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  3. Is FF8 a good game if I'm not into Final Fantasy anymore?

User Info: nedrith

3 years ago#21
I loved 8. However if you are one of those OCD people who have to have the strongest characters and 99 of each spell than you probably won't like it as you'll waste a lot of time drawing spells. If you play the game more or less normally it will be a lot more fun.

User Info: popping4it

3 years ago#22
i wonder if theres a trainer that will make it so if you draw you just draw 100 stock.
whens mahvel?

User Info: WhyitEarp

3 years ago#23
No it ranks up there for worst FF with XIII

User Info: highwindmt

3 years ago#24
The game is tedious. Considering you can beat the game without leveling up any characters at all, this doesn't seem like the game for you TC.
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User Info: gfrequency

3 years ago#25
FFVIII was the first game that made me think Squaresoft was slipping. Didn't like the story, the level of technology, the characters, the design, or, as you say, the teen melodrama. Everybody was luke warm on it back then, too. Of course, now that it's old, people come out of the woodwork talking about how awesome it was. Watch, in fifteen years, people will be ripping on FFXXVI and talking about how it could never come close to FFXIII.
You might very well think that. I couldn't possibly comment.

User Info: Fayceless

3 years ago#26
Minimum of tedium? Not FF8. Most tedious FF of them all.

User Info: Flen15

3 years ago#27
Enemies level with you, and you get no encounters pretty early.

In some ways the game is much easier if you avoid leveling your characters.

Not tedious at all if you play it the right way.

You can grind or not grind. Pretty much up to you what you wanna do.

User Info: Silent Sniper IV

Silent Sniper IV
3 years ago#28
Slayn posted...
The gameplay is terrible, the story is terrible.

Way to describe basically every FF game. Boring menu battler combat and mostly subpar stories. 6 and tactics were passable, I guess?
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User Info: yoshijimbo

3 years ago#29
I love this game, I think the series really fell off when they kept pushing the romantic angle in each game, but in 8 this was still original and appealing. Unlike other RPG's this game offers alot of variety in playing styles so grinding is mostly a personal choice. However, the draw/ junction system is very confusing and most people just give up trying to figure it out (I wasn't really getting it till my 2nd playthrough)
What I really liked about this game is how after big events, we return to Squall just laying in bed despondent. As teen playing FF8, that really resonated with me

User Info: SandOnMyBoot

3 years ago#30
The battle system and leveling in FF8 are ridiculously exploitable. Even more so than FF7's materia system. Card mod, refining magic, junctioning status effects, and especially the Limit Breaks make the game so easy to demolish.

Regarding the story and characters, the writing has some major plot holes, illogical character actions, and just a whole lot of deus ex machina (seriously!).
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