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Goat Simulator is literally a game, literally a game

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User Info: RemixDeluxe

3 years ago#31
Whether its good or bad, it's only $10. Seems like a fun game to try out. At worst I wasted $10, it's not the end of my life.
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User Info: Kuyama-kun

3 years ago#32
ShadowThaReaper posted...
Le meme game XDXDXD

Us gamers, huh?

/v/, pls

User Info: Pauken

3 years ago#33
At 10 bucks, and with already somewhat promising mod support, I kinda figure it's not a baaaahd gamble (get it? Baaaahd? Ok I'll stop now). Though it using Unreal engine does unfortunately make it much, much, MUCH harder to tweak than if they had used any other engine, because of frickin' encrypted assets being mandatory for Unreal, thus preventing anything but the development testing EXEs from using modified assets. Tis a shame, cause there are a few things I'd kinda like to tweak, specifically removing the cuss words and toning down the human yelps (probably to one of the many stock screams that sound less unpleasant, such as that spammed by shot Stormtroopers in Star Wars) so that it's more kid friendly (since it is basically like Elebits but replacing the grav gun from that game with a goat, and the cute Elebits with a nice healthy cup of "smash all the things, no real goal included besides that). It doesn't bother me personally, but having less cuss words and etc WOULD make me feel less awkward about it. Even Gmod usually only had cussing from user made stuff; aside from a few almost-impossible-to-hear HL2 audio clips, not a single cuss word is said in Gmod.

User Info: ChamGemini

3 years ago#34
WyzeGye posted...

to think, i played it for 30

And I must thank you for that link last time it was posted. Despite my love of "stupid fun" games, this obviously loses it's shine really fast.
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User Info: Shpoople

3 years ago#35
R i c k posted...
protools1983 posted...
Little tip bud, your opinion =/= fact. There are very clearly goals to hit in the game. If you view these goals as not worth doing then that is a problem that you will have to deal with.

They're not goals, though. There's no progression. It's just suggestions for things to do in the sandbox. "Do a front flip" is not a goal. Something like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater where you do the flips in order to complete stages and progress in the game, those are goals.

Do you seriously not understand the concept of a goal? It's an arbitrary object of effort, something that you set out to do with the intentions of doing it. A sandbox suggesting to do a front flip is still a goal to be achieved.
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