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Windows 8 is a nightmare.

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User Info: JsReznor

3 years ago#11
sonic_man00 posted...
You'll get used to it. You think people absolutely loved Windows 95?

Going from Windows 3.x? Absolutely. Having a desktop was hot <<banned word>> back then.

I lasted about two days on my new W8 non-touchscreen laptop. I then spent six hours figuring out the right combination of hand waving, dance moves, and ethereal chants to get into my BIOS, boot off a USB, and reinstall W7.

I now equate my time on W8 with that one time I got mugged in Baltimore.

User Info: Cobra1010

3 years ago#12
I just built my pc in january. Got the 8.1 OEM. Installed it, hated it straight away. Googled classic shell. And now its really not much difference to normal windows.
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User Info: GTRagnarok

3 years ago#13
There are so many things I want to reply to, but the bottom line is this: your inability to use an OS does not make it bad. Windows 8 is 99% the same as Windows 7 if you want it to be. I wish I could spend 2 minutes with all the Windows 8 haters and show them why they're doing it wrong. I don't know why people keep trying to use the fullscreen apps/programs when they're pretty much optional. All the old settings are there, AFAIK.

And what's the big deal about using programs like Classic shell? The new start menu is just as, if not more, functional except it looks much nicer. It's really interesting that some people have no problem going from 7 to 8, but others just crash and burn.
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User Info: Lemur_H

3 years ago#14
gosh vista was like, sooo bad!

This will never end will it. Windows 10, I'm sorry...

User Info: NotQuiteAFreak

3 years ago#15
Doolz2024 posted...
I don't have an issue with 8. I use it along with Classic Shell. Tweaked a few settings and now it feels like I'm using 7 again.

This. But faster!
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User Info: Sc24life

3 years ago#16
r7gerrabbit posted...
Drag app from top left corner. Now you can split the screen to any dimension you want. I dedicate 1 of my 3 monitors to running multiple Metro apps at the same time.

Are there any good metro apps? To be honest, I haven't even looked at them, except for a quick weather report.
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User Info: Gynthaeres

3 years ago#17
Quinn95 posted...
I built my system about 6 months ago and gave it Windows 8. I read both sides of the argument, people saying it was amazing and people saying it was terrible. Stupidly, I listened to the former and didn't go with 7.

At first I thought it was ok. I installed startisback instantly, making it appear as if the app screen didn't exist.

First mistake. IMO, the Metro screen is infinitely superior to the regular start menu. Much easier to organize, and plenty of room for whatever programs you want to use. I actually use Metro, but I gave up on trying to use W7's start menu for anything but a handful of Pinned / recently-used programs.

Note: Not necessarily talking about Metro apps / Metro mode for programs like Chrome. Just purely Metro as a start menu replacement. Though some apps can be handy... Can be nice to see some basic weather updates / headlines every time I hit my Windows button.

Then my first problem happened: I was trying to change an extremely hidden setting (I can't remember what it was), so I was following a guide on how to get there. Now, on Windows 7, I never had any problems following a guide because you could have the browser open on one side and the required program on the other, but in 8 it's just a big F you. You want to look at two things at once? Too bad! Every time you want to go to a setting that isn't in the control panel, you lose full access of your computer. How stupid is that?

I'm trying to imagine what setting it could be, since 99% of them open up a window on the Desktop view. But I suppose some, like Windows Update, don't. In that case, you can just drag from the upper-left corner of the screen, and split your monitor in two: The hidden settings on one side, the desktop on the other.

Also, I just installed 8.1, which required me to log in with my Windows account, and now everything is tied to it for absolutely no reason. I'm never going to use microsofts cloud drive and I'm never going to use their app store, but now I have to constantly have the Windows Live ID thing going, which sucks.

Doesn't require, but it is really annoying that it's so difficult to work around. Personally I just disconnected my computer from the Internet during the initial setup, and it let me make a local account, no problem.

How can anybody defend this OS? Sure, there may be small upgrades here and there, but anybody who thinks the Tablet style screen is a good idea is completely mental. I got tricked into believing that I would never have to look at it, but oh was that dumb.

Because at worst, it's a break-even version of Windows 7. Some good stuff, some bad stuff.
At best, if you're like me and prefer Metro to the plain ol' start menu, it's hugely superior.
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User Info: EpicKingdom_

3 years ago#18
8.1 is Windows 7, but better. It's faster, more fluid, more accessible. You're just a noob TC.
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User Info: dry1ce

3 years ago#19
The Start Menu is coming back.

User Info: Doomkilla

3 years ago#20
EpicKingdom_ posted...
8.1 is Windows 7, but better. It's faster, more fluid, more accessible. You're just a noob TC.

Said nobody ever.
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