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Windows 8 is a nightmare.

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User Info: AlexKidd5000

3 years ago#21
I still find Linux to be far smoother, faster, and more efficient than windows ever was.

User Info: Unsugarized_Foo

3 years ago#22
I installed Windows 7 and had to do nothing. Its amazing.
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User Info: BlueRamza

3 years ago#23
Been using Window 8 for about 1 year now. Never bother with the 8.1 and am doing just fine. Created Icon for control panel, my computer etc. I use the fast boot up and immediately click on Desktop whenever I start the desktop up, I ignore the tiles.
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User Info: EpicKingdom_

3 years ago#24
Doomkilla posted...
EpicKingdom_ posted...
8.1 is Windows 7, but better. It's faster, more fluid, more accessible. You're just a noob TC.

Said nobody ever.

You obviously never tried it/owned it.
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User Info: skychan

3 years ago#25
Unsugarized_Foo posted...
I installed Windows 7 and had to do nothing. Its amazing.
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User Info: KamenRiderBlade

3 years ago#26
Start Menu is coming back, and that's what will make me happy.

I bloody hate Metro and it's Start Screen.

But other than that, I have no issue with Windows 8.1
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User Info: MithrilMonarch

3 years ago#27
Windows 8 > Windows 7
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User Info: Arayziel

3 years ago#28
I've got windows 8.1 on my laptop working... okay thanks to a free start button program and pretty much ditching metro. It's mostly identical to using windows 7 now, but I get a lot of grief from networking that I don't get from my other laptops or desktop on this computer.

User Info: HitTheGroundWal

3 years ago#29
I know I won't get it. It can't play Sims 2. (I don't like Sims 3)
It's supposed to be HitTheGroundWalking.
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User Info: meeko222

3 years ago#30
just now noticing this?
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