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Weird things you do while playing games?

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User Info: TheAlmightyCow

3 years ago#81
KOOGAR posted...
I breathe.

Dude. You should see a therapist.
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User Info: ViniciusFernand

3 years ago#82
I talk like I'm doing a let's play.

User Info: Zerabp

3 years ago#83
I swear at the AI controlled things that killed me and when I finally defeat them yell at them to "suck it".What's really ironic is I'm always polite win or lose to real people.
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User Info: TheAlmightyCow

3 years ago#84
ViniciusFernand posted...
I talk like I'm doing a let's play.

I used to do this! :D Then I started a YouTube channel! :P
Friend Code (3DS): (3866 - 8210 - 3222) SteamID/PSN: gehab NNID (WiiU): Mr.Gehab

User Info: iHateMutanTs

3 years ago#85
Prometheus4208 posted...
I turn off the sound and listen to/watch shows like House, MD at the same time.

My ADD has evolved to the point that I literally need to be doing something else while I watch TV or play videogames.

crazy right?

Man i'm the same way.. I setup my PC specifically so i can do this. My main screen is my 49 inch t.v which i will have either my ps3 or PC game playing on it, my smaller 29 inch monitor next to it will be for watching anime/series/movies on while i game.. I just picked up this habbit some years back and never stopped doing it since. I feel like i need 1 more monitor for GFaqs FAQ's because I tend to play a lot of RPG's and I like having 100% files lol.
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User Info: imagadxxx

3 years ago#86
I have been playing NBA2k14 lately and I am playing as one of my created player. I just noticed that every time that I will be winning a match most specially if it was a tight game, I will give a middle finger on the screen most specially if it will show the player from the opponent who gave me a hard time.

User Info: 336tyrant

3 years ago#87
I have full fledged conversations with myself while playing games regardless of the genre... Madden 25? "oh really shane vereen, just gonna break 3 tackles and outrun everybody on the field, well F* you, thats why I'm about to bust this 60 yard run down your throat when I get the ball back"

I do this with every game, would post a common Dark Souls II conversation, but those get much too vulgar..
Injustice; Nightwing/Bane... thats all I got

User Info: Ice_Shield

3 years ago#88
Jump. Jump everywhere. When I used to play MapleStory (oh god why) certain classes would cut out attacking animation frames if you jumped and attacked, as well as made certain immobile attacks mobile, so you were at an advantage if you jumped and attacked at the same time. Now I do it constantly. Get from Point A to Point B? Jump. Jump the entire way. Even if I have the ability to run somewhere that goes faster I'll still jump if its slower. On games where you can't jump like a Zelda game I'll roll constsntly. I'll even time jumps with ledges and ramps so that my character will fly farther or faster.

When I'm playing something like Minecraft or Terraria I will OBSESS over inventory management. I understand that you have to manage your inventory a little, like separating tools and ores, but I'll have chests for one ore, chests for enemy parts that you can get only a certain way, chests for everything. My boyfriend would always see me playing on his way to work and one time he asked "is this all you do in this game" because I was always at an inventory screen. I've seriously spent four hours managing inventory.

And finally my body likes to hold its breath during action scenes in games. I'll be playing like normal when all of a sudden I'll gasp for air and get this adrenaline/dopamine rush through my body like I hadn't been breathing for the last two minutes.
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User Info: egglink

3 years ago#89
I talk to myself a little. And if I'm sneaking around or something, I tend to whisper.
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User Info: Rubicon88

3 years ago#90
If I am playing a hack and slash where I have to dodge, I usually dodge with my character. I break things in the way sometimes. If I am playing a turned based RPG, I will add up all the damage I inflicted on a boss then compare It's hp total and the previous hp total to come up with a ratio of increased difficulty between the two.
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