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Dead Space Free

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User Info: Arn544

3 years ago#1
Okay so I know how everybody hates Origin, but free is free and they're giving it away right now. (Didn't see another thread about this within 10 pages so if this is a repeat, my bad)

So I see it's kind of an older game (2008) but how is it? Will it be worth my time?

User Info: Bmvc1

3 years ago#2
It's an incredible game. I put off playing it for a long time because I didn't think I would like it. Glad I finally gave it a shot.

User Info: MaxCHEATER64

3 years ago#3
Arn544 posted...
Okay so I know how everybody hates Origin

There's nothing wrong with Origin.

User Info: Arn544

3 years ago#4
I didn't say there was anything wrong with it personally, however that still doesn't mean most people don't hate it.

User Info: johnny_pay

3 years ago#5
Indian origin is selling watch dogs deluxe edition for £17

User Info: WyzeGye

3 years ago#6
I don't feel like being a sarcastic ass-hat right now... so if you'd kindly check the sarcastic ass-hat responses in this topic, that'd be great.

User Info: SavageDonzilla

3 years ago#7
Yeah, nothing wrong with Origin aside from the fact that it is run by EA. Which makes a lot of haters. Dead Space, even as old as it is, is worth going through once or twice. And is a steal for free.
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User Info: WyzeGye

3 years ago#8

I totally meant to leave this link in post #6


User Info: Arn544

3 years ago#9
Well at least you were kind enough to correct your error.

User Info: LostHisHardcore

3 years ago#10
Played it to death on 360. I hear it's kind of broken on PC. Also, Origin. The only EA I have on my PC is some old games from GoG
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