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Bioware-esque games?

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User Info: Doomsday Forte

Doomsday Forte
3 years ago#11
I don't know for certain, but I heard Loren The Amazon Princess was Bioware-like in terms of dialog. There's a demo here and the game is currently on sale on Steam if it turns out to be decent.
Crimson night & Celsion moon, misfiction, not save the Player is Prayer, yes, Dance Romanesque and unfinished Romancia.

User Info: Omnipotent_Cow

3 years ago#12
Deus Ex
Inquisitor has a lot of dialogue in it.

As mentioned, the Witcher will be your best bet, but be prepared for it to raise your expectations of choice and consequences impossibly high.

User Info: biohazard1775

3 years ago#13
dekou posted...
The Witcher 1&2
Alpha Protocol
Fallout: New Vegas
Neverwinter Nights 2
Divine Divinity & Divinity 2
Gothic 2: Night of the Raven

These along with Deus Ex and Human Revolution.
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