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What's Your Computers "Up-Time"?

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User Info: Marikhen

3 years ago#21
My primary computer's only been up for 5 days, 14 hours, but my secondary machine's been up for 66 days 3 hours.
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User Info: Skul_

3 years ago#22
7 Hours 33
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User Info: Cobra152004

3 years ago#23
0:15:45:50. Would be longer if not for a restart to unplug and store an old DVD drive due to the sound it makes when waking from Standby aka Sleep.

User Info: Sony_Fanatic

3 years ago#24
5 hours.
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User Info: Golden_Gonads

3 years ago#25
33 minutes. Electricity costs money, and I'm very, very cheap.

User Info: nedrith

3 years ago#26
thatauthor posted...

Timmy124123 posted...

ctrl-shift-esc is better

dang never actually knew about ctrl-shift-esc. The one thing I hated about windows 7 was the change to ctrl-alt-del. though ctrl-alt-del is more comfortable to hit.;(

anyways, 23:07:03:12. I leave my PC running 24/7 unless it starts to slow down and I'm too lazy to find the cause and to install windows updates at the same time.

User Info: Setzera

3 years ago#27
1: 03: 13: 30

It's capable of much longer, but I tend to restart every few days just to give it some love.

My older PC's ran for months at a time, and also on older OS's.. but they didn't seem to mind.
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User Info: SpazH3d

3 years ago#28
Your electrical bills must be through the roof. I shut off my PC every night. Sorry if that is just insane.
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User Info: Teh_Hunter

3 years ago#29
3 days, 16 hours, 28 minutes. It can be random when I turn my PC off, sometimes I turn it off when I leave my PC for a while, sometimes I don't.
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User Info: GamersTavern

3 years ago#30
I don't see uptime anywhere on here. Is this a new feature added to later versions of Windows?
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