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What's Your Computers "Up-Time"?

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User Info: DarkLink978

3 years ago#41
I like games.
Playing: Silent Hill 2-PS2, MGSV: Ground Zeroes-PS3, Rudra no Hihou-SNES

User Info: CoolFangs

3 years ago#42
1 day 2 hours 52 minutes

Would normally be a lot higher but I just reset for a windows update.
3DS FC: 0989-2237-3314

User Info: singhellotaku

3 years ago#43
2:01:46:01, is that 2 months or 2 weeks?
Humanity as a whole gets dumber every time you write sonypony nintendrone or xbot...and weeaboo...I mean, honestly people.

User Info: johnny_pay

3 years ago#44
7m, i just turned it on

User Info: gadragod

3 years ago#45
Almost 14 minutes.

User Info: VandelayInc

3 years ago#46
SpazH3d posted...
Your electrical bills must be through the roof. I shut off my PC every night. Sorry if that is just insane.

same, i shut mine off if im not using it for longer than say 30 minutes.
i never understood why people would leave it on for days, or even weeks.

User Info: Twindragonfang

3 years ago#47
2:03:52:33. I play alot, and use it for TV, music, some books, general internet usage, porn. Ya know, the essentials in life. But i always make sure to restart it on a regular basis, say once a week.

User Info: mycousinvinnie

3 years ago#48
several minutes as of typing this, I turn it off every night

User Info: ReloadPsi

3 years ago#49
About half an hour.
People still want an FF7 remake? Geez, that sure is a lot of people eager to see the Honey Bee Inn bathtub scene in Advent Children graphics.

User Info: New Link

New Link
3 years ago#50
11:43:07 up 43 days, 21:50, 3 users, load average: 1.66, 2.10, 2.16

^^ The day I installed the OS.
-SNES- Hasta Pasta!
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