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Any household items that remove thermal paste safely?

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  3. Any household items that remove thermal paste safely?

User Info: gamerdude555

3 years ago#11
Toilet paper works for me
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User Info: Pal 080

Pal 080
3 years ago#12
You can use pretty much anything that's not abrasive as long as you keep grounding yourself to avoid static damage, but certain materials I suppose are safer than others, I just use tissue.
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User Info: Sora_Anbu

3 years ago#13
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User Info: WyzeGye

3 years ago#14
Nail polish remover works as well. Just be super careful to not get any on the PCBs, acetone eats PCB like a cop does donuts.

User Info: popping4it

3 years ago#15
use tissue, toilet paper sheds fibers.
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User Info: Fade2black001

3 years ago#16
popping4it posted...
use tissue, toilet paper sheds fibers.

I have no problems with Toilet Paper
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User Info: Xeeh_Bitz

3 years ago#17
I used alcohol and coffee filters in the past

Finally decided to spend a few bucks on this a year or so ago

Works extremely well, so much better than the alcohol and it'll practically last your lifetime unless you build often.
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  3. Any household items that remove thermal paste safely?

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