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Which PC game is currently the most played/most popular?

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  3. Which PC game is currently the most played/most popular?

User Info: xxxROCOxxx

3 years ago#1
LoL? WoW? Dota 2? Elder Scrolls Online? Something else?

User Info: jakisthe

3 years ago#2
League of Legends
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User Info: GTRagnarok

3 years ago#3
Goat Simulator.
Wow. Very sig. Such original. So words. Wow.

User Info: xxxROCOxxx

3 years ago#4
GTRagnarok posted...
Goat Simulator.

jakisthe posted...
League of Legends

I wonder how much longer LoL will reign at #1...?

User Info: Mr Hangman

Mr Hangman
3 years ago#5
You can get an idea based on these:

Top games among Xfire users:

Top Steam games:
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User Info: somebody336

3 years ago#6
GTRagnarok posted...
Goat Simulator.
TBWNN's grumpy old man >:/

User Info: CELTEKK

3 years ago#7
according to steam it's Dota 2, then again, LoL isn't a steam game.

User Info: biohazard1775

3 years ago#8

WoW might have more.

User Info: Th1rte3n

3 years ago#9
For non-mmos

1. LoL
2. Dota
3. CS:GO(I believe)
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User Info: pwnater777

3 years ago#10
Can't wait for MOBAs to get phased out. It seems like every one of them is the same, just re-skinned.
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