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New to PC gaming - what must-haves should I play?

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User Info: KillerTruffle

3 years ago#11
Age of Mythology
The Longest Journey
Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Unreal Tournament 2004
DOTA 2 (steep learning curve tho)
Sid Meier's Pirates!
Titan Quest Gold
Dark Messiah of Might & Magic
Sam & Max episodes
Galactic Civilizations II
Thief 1 & 2
Uplink: Hacker Elite
Aliens vs. Predator classic
Half-Life series
Deus Ex (the original)
Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour
WarCraft 3
X3: Albion Prelude

That's missing a ton of great games still, but at least it could get you started...
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User Info: dormcaste

3 years ago#12
Definitely play Half-Life 1 and 2. The episodes that follow are optional but they're not bad.

Company of Heroes is good (great) (Blitzkrieg Mod is outstanding, Eastern Front is good but not as realistic)

Dragon Age: Origins is pretty decent.

Splinter Cell Trilogy is a lot of fun (you will definitely like this if you liked Metal Gear Solid)

Hitman: Blood Money

Quake 1 and 2

Unreal Tournament 2004 is pretty good. Fun arcade-y multiplayer and good mods too

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is fun (except for the stealth level with the snooper rifle... why was that a mission?)

Sid Meier's Civilization 4 is a great time waster

User Info: jestsman5ian

3 years ago#13
To answer reincarnator I am getting an Asus ROG with i7 4700HQ and the GTX 880M GPU. Plenty of RAM and SSD space. Should be able to run most current games on medium to high settings.

I do plan on playing FPS's, lots of them.

Yes, try to stick to PC-exclusive. I have experienced most of what the console market has offered for the last decade and a half.

User Info: Sora_Anbu

3 years ago#14
"The best thing to happen to Linux is the release of Vista." Jack

User Info: dormcaste

3 years ago#15
F.E.A.R. (the first one) is good. Definitely play Elder Scrolls Morrowind. Doom 3 is fun, but annoying because everything jumps out at you, but you get used to it. The shotgun in that game is awwwweeeessssooooommmmmeeee. Thief Gold is great. Thief 2: The Metal Age is even better. Deus Ex (the original) is a must-play. Riven is great but really f******* hard. If you like "realistic" FPS, Red Orchestra is good.

User Info: pjlind

3 years ago#16
Just finished Far Cry 3 and really enjoyed it.

If you liked Borderlands a lot you may find that you like it even more and it's a slightly different experience with the keyboard and mouse. Same goes for almost any fps really.

The two games that I've put the most time are Civ V and The Sims 3. For some reason I'm able to play these games with ceaseless immersion and not even realize I've been doing it for 5-6 hours at a time. I can't really explain it, but those games have the most time logged for me.

I built my PC last November and have been collecting steam games for maybe 3 years, used to play on a Intel HD3000/ i5 / 8gbram / asus laptop. At this point I have pretty much every game I had for 360 on PC as well, most of which being GOTY or all dlc or whatever, simply because of sales you can get everything so cheap, and to me, it is worth it.
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User Info: KillerTruffle

3 years ago#17
Yeah, if you'll be playing lots of FPS, you owe it to yourself to learn keyboard/mouse if you haven't already. I play a lot of console games too, and KB/mouse is still hands down better for shooters, period. Faster aiming and more precise. It can sometimes take a bit of time to adapt if you're really used to controller, but if you can make the switch, you'll end up wondering how you ever liked controllers for FPS in the first place. heh
"How do I get rid of a Trojan Horse?" -Sailor_Kakashi
"Leave it outside the gates of Troy overnight." -Davel23

User Info: Logical_One

3 years ago#18
Immortal_Moo posted...
Quite a few RPGs on there. To be honest, not many JRPGs exclusive to PC.
Steam has some at a affordable price: Cthulhu saves the world is a good one, Magicka is fun.
Look into the Dawn of War series, (2 plays much different than 1)

If you plan to play many shooters on PC. I'd recommend you try Quake or Unreal tournament to get use to using the Mouse and Keyboard. (Play against bots!)

What would say is the major difference between a traditional JRPG and a CRPG (like Wasteland or Shadowrun)?

I would have to argue that CRPG's are pretty much JRPG's without the horrible protagonist and storyline. If you can get over the game NOT being Japanese but still being turn-based and skill/item-driven then I would recommend CRPG's like Fallout 1 and 2, Planescape Torment, Divinity: Original Sin, Shadowrun Returns, Wasteland 1 and 2 etc...
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User Info: Immortal_Moo

3 years ago#19
I've never played a Game like wasteland or Shadow Run :)
JRPGs vs WRPGs i see like...
Final Fantasy/Disgeia/chronocross...etc vs Witcher/dragonage/KoToR/morrowind...etc
Steam/origin/PSN/Wiiu- theimmortalmoo | i7 3770k 4.4ghz | GTX 780 | 16GB Gskill | 1200w PSU | 3 HDD 1 SSD 256 | Maximus V Formula |

User Info: TheAntiPCgaming

3 years ago#20
30aught6 posted...
He can play virtually all console games, up to 6th generation on his PC. There's a ton of JRPGs for PS1, not to mention all of the 16-bit games with fan translations.

In other words, you're encouraging him to pirate those games.
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