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Why doesn't Microsoft just go back to Windows 7 if everybody hates Windows 8?

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  3. Why doesn't Microsoft just go back to Windows 7 if everybody hates Windows 8?

User Info: romsnbombs

3 years ago#11
slk_23, you need to realize what's "under the hood" with windows 8. It's actually more advanced than windows 7. Whilst I still run windows 7 and do not have windows 8 on my PC, I can't bring myself to diss windows 8. The UI is merely aesthetic.
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User Info: Shpoople

3 years ago#12
The only people that hate windows 8 are the same people who hate everything new.

User Info: DerPancake

3 years ago#13
Windows 8 is much better than 7.... - Taylor Swift: Queen of Pop.

User Info: mogexpress1

3 years ago#14
Sorry I was too busy actually using my PC with those 2 sec boot times.
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User Info: Kerr Avon

Kerr Avon
3 years ago#15
slk_23 posted...
Pretty much everybody agrees that Windows 7 is the greatest operating system of all time...

A lot of people would say that Linux is better.

Anyway, the reasons for Windows 8 being the way it is are many, but mainly because Microsoft are a business who exist to make money, and if everyone stuck with Windows 7 and didn't buy a new OS then Microsoft wouldn't get more money. This is why M$ release a new OS every few years. The problem was, Windows 7 was so good that there wasn't too much M$ could do to improve on it, and the things they could do would be mainly little things that wouldn't sound like great reasons for buying a whole new OS marginally faster boot up time, touch-screen support, etc). So M$ had to think up a new 'hook' (a new feature for Windows 8 that was sufficiently different from Windows 7, so that people would want it and would be happy to pay good money for it whilst also willingly abandoning Windows 7. And for some reason, Microsoft thought that a touch-screen graphical user interface would be popular, even though (a) not many desktop owners have a touch-screen monitor, and (b) hardly anyone (to my knowledge) prefers using touch-screen over a mouse long term. And so, to emphasise how different Windows 8 is, they made it primarily touch-screen and tile based, even though many people would have preferred the Metro interface to have been an optional extra instead of the starting screen.

Bascially, Windows 8 was a badly judged attempt to draw users away from Windows 7. Windows 8 does have a lot of great features, and when you get used to the touch-screen then it is very usable, but I (and *lots* of other users) think that it's a real step backwards from Windows 8.
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User Info: Mudkip57

3 years ago#16
Grunt40 posted...
Who's this "everyone" you speak of? I for one love Windows 8, and I know I'm not the only one

User Info: Orestes417

3 years ago#17
ZOMG, they made your icons bigger and made the launcher a whole hell of a lot more usable! AIEEEEE! it's a tablet interface... oh FFS pretend your brains haven't atrophied over the years and adapt. God damned troglodyte drama queens.

The problem with Windows 8 was the visual and operational inconsistency, not the trivial changes to facilitate better use on a touch screen. They should've taken the new design language farther and made it look cohesive as Ubuntu's Unity and Gnome 3 both did rather successfully. The rudimentary tiling for the Modern apps needed to be fully fleshed out, the full set of new admin guis built on the powershell underpinnings needed to have been finished and whomever thought it was a brilliant idea to make UI features less discoverable needs to be blacklisted from anything above janitor. In short it needed about a year more of polish and beta cycling.
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User Info: ThePCElitist

3 years ago#18
MaxCHEATER64 posted...
slk_23 posted...
why not just quickly release Windows 9 now with a few updates and have it very similar to Windows 7?

So they're making an even worse Windows 8 then?
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User Info: WyzeGye

3 years ago#19
It's a vocal minority that hates windows 8... Neckbeards on the internet isn't everybody.

User Info: iammaxhailme

3 years ago#20
Even the neckbeards are coming around now because it's very easy to get a mod which makes W8 operate like W7 but retain its very fast loading times and other advantages
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