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Why do people hate vista so much?

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User Info: Born Lucky

Born Lucky
3 years ago#21
Neo_PortaPotty posted...
Resource inefficient, vista ready pc's, inferior to xp in genera

No its not .

And it blows XP out of the water
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User Info: Blarghinston

3 years ago#22
I always turned off the UAC, though that was a bit hidden, and if you wanted to buy one off the shelf, and you had a computer at home...probably the Home Premium would have been a good idea.

User Info: kobalobasileus

3 years ago#23
Dorami posted...
Bad first impressions because:

1. It was loaded onto computers that were too weak to run it well.
2. Third parties were not ready with drivers, causing a lot of BSOD.
3. It changed program permissions so that a noticeable number of programs written with XP's (awful) permissions system in mind did not run correctly (or at all in some cases).


User Info: ElDudorino

3 years ago#24
Born Lucky posted...
Neo_PortaPotty posted...
Resource inefficient, vista ready pc's, inferior to xp in genera

No its not .

And it blows XP out of the water

It might now, but it didn't at launch. It was a mess at launch. On top of the compatibility issues, resource hogging and the UAC fiasco (which went far beyond just being annoying and actually messed up a lot of software), I also have a theory that its built-in partition manager was broken since I've had to repair the formatting on two different hard disks from two different Vista computers and that's just drawing from a pool of like 10 people I knew who ran Vista at home.

Anyway. I think most Vista advocates say that Vista started to become usable after Service Pack 1, but Windows 7 was already well on the way by then. That means that Vista was very much skippable. The best choice from a compatibility and usability standpoint, as well as a cost-efficiency standpoint, was for more end users to keep using XP and then skip straight to Windows 7 when they were ready to upgrade.

User Info: eddy1nsane

3 years ago#25
win95 hate
win98 love
win me hate
winxp love
vista hate
7 love
8 hate
9 love
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User Info: urtv

3 years ago#26
because they never used 8

User Info: Morph33n

3 years ago#27
I've never even used Vista unless it was on someone's computer that needed fixing.
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User Info: Rud3Bwoy

3 years ago#28
lets see leaves pc on over night or for long amount of hours almost all of my ram was used up for some rsn like vista had some sort of memory leak never had that issue with windows 7

User Info: helldew

3 years ago#29
People who still hate vista are just bitter vista is fine. i more or less skipped it TBH i used it on other PCs a fair bit but just went from XP to 7. with 8 i dont hate it i just see Zero reason to upgrade it literally offers nothing else i would want. il probably just skip to 9 down the line and 7 has been pretty good with me.
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User Info: godplaysSNES

3 years ago#30
People criticizing Vista but praising XP really ought to recall how "stable" and "efficient" XP was at its release
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