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Question about formatting when having two hard drives

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User Info: nobletype

3 years ago#1
I have two hard drives, my main being an SSD for the OS/programs/some games, and one HDD that is obviously much bigger for most games and all other media.

If I format my SSD, for say to reinstall a current OS or to upgrade to a new OS one day, what happens to the programs and games installed on the second hard drive? I know that doesn't get formatted, so videos and other files would work, but what about games and programs that were INSTALLED there instead of say, copied and pasted onto it? Aren't they tied to the registry of the operating system that used to be installed on the main drive before the format? Would they be corrupt then? Or would the games and software still work.. somehow?

User Info: Chetyre

3 years ago#2
All the files would be there, uncorrupted. But some games work without their registry entries, others don't.

If they are Steam games, then all is good. When you reinstall Steam and point it to your library they'll all be recognized as normal (but you'll have to go though the first-time setup first). As long as your saves are in the Steam Cloud you'll lose nothing.
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