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Looking to get a PC multiplayer shooter. Which is best?

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User Info: Giblet_Enjoyer

3 years ago#11
Snickers085 posted...
Nineteen99 posted...
HaMMeRHeaD25 posted...
there's nothing new and great. Titanfall was arguably a disappointment and there's nothing forthcoming until fall

ur cool

He's right.

Not really tho because Loadout

User Info: gamerdude555

3 years ago#12
Planetside 2 is a good one but you're gonna be grinding certs for years
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User Info: A_Soggy_Rat

3 years ago#13
Obligatory CSGO post
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User Info: Nemerlight

3 years ago#14
Team Fortress 2. I love it.
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is the best PC game of 2012.

User Info: josh_b

3 years ago#15
Rising Storm. Best Multiplayer FPS to be released in years.
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User Info: Slayn

3 years ago#16
Battlefield 4 is the best FPS on PC right now.
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User Info: Panner

3 years ago#17
How about Ghost Recon Phantoms?
It's free to play, doesnt take too much grinding to buy the piece of kit you want and its quite good.
I have over 50 hours played so far.
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User Info: ThePonyCollie

3 years ago#18
I heard good things about Blacklight Retribution.
No Steam, no buy.

User Info: NeeTama

3 years ago#19
ThePonyCollie posted...
I heard good things about Blacklight Retribution.

That game is AWESOME but it's too bad I couldn't get past the weapon part purchasing system.

I don't want to have to grind to infinity and max to earn ONE weapon part, the progress was too slow for me and made experimenting with guns tedious.

Would buy it in a heartbeat if they ever released it with an easier grind or maybe a one-time premium payment.

Either way it warrants a try at least, if you can deal with the upgrade/purchasing system it's an amazing game.
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User Info: grizzly_hamster

3 years ago#20
Definitely give TF2 a try, it's free to play these days (done right) and is really good fun.
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