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I've never played Final Fantasy 7. Is the version on Steam the definitive one?

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  3. I've never played Final Fantasy 7. Is the version on Steam the definitive one?

User Info: anonymous46773

3 years ago#1
I've heard things like they changed the music (but I also heard that they patched it). I've also heard of a thing called "Tifa's Bootleg". Should I try installing that? I think that it is mainly a graphics overhaul, but that it disables some things, or something.

Just trying to get the best first time experience :)
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User Info: Bekness

3 years ago#2
The music was different to the midi files.

There's some mods but I haven't looked into them at all. I don't care about graphics or anything. The controls were different from the PS1 version but since you haven't played it before you wouldn't struggle with that.

It's a fun game, I put 80 hours into the Steam one. R<3B xx
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User Info: rainedown

3 years ago#4
Dude. Spoilers.

User Info: Cool_Dude667

3 years ago#5
this is why im never going to play FF7 :/
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User Info: Garage_Man

3 years ago#6
Yup same here everyone has ruined the game for ME. It seems like every time I go into a thread of ANYONE asking anything I learn something new and hate the game just that much more. I still havent got past disk 1 because of them people.

Anyways to answer your question yes it is. I downloaded it and got Tifas bootleg and wholly god it looks amazing. It sounds's not even the same game I played on the PS3 lol.

The textures, characters, models are just superior in every single way. Be full warned though it is 10gb of data...yea pretty nuts but totally worth it. For the few hours I did play (till I had to look something up then saw a spoiler then stopped) it wad amazing.

User Info: Ivany2008

3 years ago#7
it isn't spoilers, most of that didn't happen. What did happen has been known and well documented for the past 15 years. If you haven't played FF7 I'd urge you to actually play the game and find out for yourself.

The new version of the steam copy brings back all the ps1 music files, unless you want to mod it and add different music which I'm sure is possible. It is also possible to download a HD pack so at least the main characters are in HD

User Info: Shotgunnova

3 years ago#8
There's no statue of limitations on spoilers, so one must always mark 'em properly, no exceptions.
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User Info: Erik212

3 years ago#10
claytonbuckley posted...
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  3. I've never played Final Fantasy 7. Is the version on Steam the definitive one?

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