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Oldest game you have installed right now

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User Info: Burningocean

3 years ago#241
Double post,sorry!
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User Info: alteredguitar

3 years ago#242
Command and Conquer or Unreal, whichever is older

User Info: Z2488

3 years ago#243
The original Ys game.
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User Info: Master_Faust

3 years ago#244
Arucard05 posted...
Well, it's not a secret anymore.
I play these anytime and at any place: "Guitar Freaks" series, "Silent Hill" series, "The King of Fighters" series, X series, DDR.

User Info: Lord_Badmagic

3 years ago#245
"Whatever blows your hair back"

User Info: MC RaZaR

3 years ago#246
Half Life 2 I think.
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User Info: MacadamianNut3

3 years ago#247
NobanO posted...
Wolfenstein 3D
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User Info: lovbbws

3 years ago#248
indiana jones and fate of atlantis cd rom vers

User Info: SlyHobbes

3 years ago#249
Never7 from 2000. It's a really, really ugly game.
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User Info: Frankie_Spankie

3 years ago#250
Team Fortress Classic -- Still play it daily too.
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