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Oldest game you have installed right now

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User Info: Scooby79

3 years ago#281

User Info: TriP_of_Death

3 years ago#282
Maniac Mansion
Ultima VII from GoG
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User Info: bman52480

3 years ago#284
Master of Orion 2 or Oregon Trail, not sure which version of OT I have.
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User Info: Heracross17

3 years ago#285
Dungeon Siege. One of my favorite games of all time.
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User Info: Free_san

3 years ago#287
Not sure which came earlier. I have Doom 2 and Stunts installed on this computer.

User Info: h23456bca

3 years ago#288
Age of Empires 2
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User Info: Dekrosse

3 years ago#289
The original Wasteland.

User Info: shinrugal

3 years ago#290
Alpha Centauri I think
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