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Call of Juarez games

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User Info: kingoffps

3 years ago#1
Anyone played these? They're on sale on Get Games at the moment. Except for the first game for some reason. I know they have mixed reviews but I don't think there are many western games these days. (Should port RDR to PC...)
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User Info: Lonestar2000

3 years ago#2
1, 2 and 4 are all good. 3 is really bad.
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User Info: g7g7g7g7

3 years ago#3
1 is by far the best, 2 is meh, 3 is just awful and 4 is great but short.
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User Info: protools1983

3 years ago#4
Gunslinger is best.
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User Info: dementedlullaby

3 years ago#5
I had forgot CoJ 3 existed. Now I'm reminded of it again. Thanks gfaqs.

Gunslinger is great fun. When CoJ 2 was a bit newer it had a really fun MP as well imo but I'm pretty sure it's dead now. Also good campaign. There's a lack of Western Shooters so I hope to see another CoJ sometime.
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User Info: aak57

3 years ago#6
I played the first and didn't care for it. Gunslinger is good though.
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User Info: dekou

3 years ago#7
I played Gunslinger and it was great. It's a bit short, but that just means it doesn't outlive its welcome. It has an arcade mode and other extras that add some replayability.
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