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Question regarding my PSU

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User Info: noobzilla99

3 years ago#1
So i want to buy a second GTX780 and have a 850w PSU. Just wanted to know if it will be enough to support 2 gpus because when i go on asus tech psu calculator it says i need 1100w and when i go on extreme power supply calculator it says i need 700w.

Corsair 750D case
MSI G45-Z87 mobo
I5 4670k with H100 cooler
2x4 GB DDR3 (1600mhz)
evga gtx780
Corsair RM850

User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
3 years ago#2
asus probably considers capacitor aging after years of use.

Looks to be true, if you add ~50% aging on the extreme psu calculator you'll get ~1100 rated on the extreme.
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User Info: noobzilla99

3 years ago#3
everything is brand new on my pc and i will probably change all that before it happens. So i should be ok then?

User Info: AlleRacing

3 years ago#4
Yeah, 850W should be plenty for two 780s. I'm going to SLI them in a couple weeks here on an 860.

User Info: noobzilla99

3 years ago#5
Thank you for the fast answer :)
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