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has any game ever made you cry?

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  3. has any game ever made you cry?

User Info: Easysicks

3 years ago#171
Yes, a few times. I no longer remember which specific games those were, though.
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User Info: CthulhuMessiah

3 years ago#172
Mother 3
Silent Hill 2's In Water ending
And Spec Ops: The Line depressed me harder than either of those.

User Info: ThankYaw

3 years ago#173
Well basically I never have and I never will.

User Info: ChaosLives68

3 years ago#174
Some of the more recent games would be The Walking Dead (season 1) and The Last of Us
The room always gets a little dusty for me at the end of FFIX. I've also been known to cry at the ends of movies. I never cry at funerals. Is that bad?
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User Info: HeadEXplode

3 years ago#176
No, but I have gotten misty eyed on some games.

MGS3: when Snake salutes The Boss' grave
DMC3 when Dante mourns Virgil at the end
ME3: when Mordin sings Scientist Salarian right before you know he's going to die
"I started thinking, 'maybe the two of us should blow up this house.' You know, just to get back at them for thinking I might blow up this house."

User Info: TitanStrike

3 years ago#177
call of duty ghosts. every time i am so close to a killstreak and i die, what the hell. makes me so mad/angry
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User Info: Luigi64128

3 years ago#178
Marley and Me: The Videogame
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User Info: EpicKingdom_

3 years ago#179
TimePharaoh posted...
No, I'm not a girl.


User Info: Runner_style

3 years ago#180
Games that have brought a tear to my eye...

MGS3: The ending
Lost Odyssey: some of the 1000 years of memories (hard not to get choked with some of them)

Can't remember any others.
It's time gamers grew up instead of being pissy 5 year olds fighting over the most asinine things.
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