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has any game ever made you cry?

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User Info: vistahater44

3 years ago#31
I've never cried but the closest I've come to was in Final Fantasy VI where Celes jumps off of a cliff thinking all of her friends were dead, while the music to the opera scene is playing in the background.

User Info: Sobriquet835

3 years ago#32
I've cried with laughter at Smash Bros multiplayer a few times.

For sadness? No, but Brothers: a tale of two sons came close.
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User Info: lostaname

3 years ago#33
Mother 3 made me cry. Especially the Sunflower Fields part.
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User Info: chestershadow

3 years ago#34
MadPinoRage posted...
In Final Fantasy 7 where Sepiroth dies at the end :*(

he was dead before anything you see in the game. Sephiroth as everybody knows him was literally his dead body/a clone being controlled by a computer. You cried over an overglorified zombie science experiment.

User Info: chestershadow

3 years ago#35
lostaname posted...
Mother 3 made me cry. Especially the Sunflower Fields part.

Oh god this.

User Info: Majoras_pants

3 years ago#36
Lufia 2.
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User Info: Iyamtebist

3 years ago#37
There are plenty of games that have actually made me sad or have been a shocking experience for me, however, I don't think I can say there was one that was as strong as Corpse Party. Man that game was just downright cruel from beginning to end.

User Info: Ultrachao

3 years ago#38
Chrono Trigger's good ending gets me every time... Also, Robo getting beat up by his "brothers" and Crono sacrificing himself against Lavos in the Ocean Palace... some other parts come close sometimes.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon had some surprisingly heavy parts, like in Rescue Team when you run away from town and everyone hates you for a crime you didn't commit or in Explorers when your partner is an absolute wreck because you're disappearing along with Grovyle and the Bad Future that you came from.

Mother 3. Just... pretty much the entirety of Mother 3.

There have been others, but those are the ones that came to mind instantly.
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User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#39
HoruGuraShi posted...
None. I am not a cry-baby.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 1 on ps3. I still cry everytime at death of "Going Merry". I cried even when reading manga, and then when I watched anime.

The One Piece character backstories are surprisingly hard hitting. Definitely not what I was expecting at all when I started watching.

Somebody said Dark Douls, I'm assuming as a joke about how frustrating it is. I haven't played it so I'm not sure how bad it is but I've had two games make me tear up in frustration, I don't remember the exact part but Megaman Zero 2 (the game as a whole is pretty rough, I don't think I could beat it now that I have more games than I have time to play, it was great when I was on a limited budget in middleschool though) and getting 5 stars on every Mercenaries level with Leon in RE4. I scored 59,XXX so many times it was ridiculous. It actually happened again recently, I wanted to go ahead and get Leon out of the way, started on what I consider to be the worst level (Water World), 59,734. Literally one kill away, I just had to turn it off.
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User Info: shamfuru

3 years ago#40
Alfred's shocking scene in Batman Arkham Origins.
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