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Can someone explain to me why Dark Souls is popular?

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  3. Can someone explain to me why Dark Souls is popular?

User Info: protools1983

3 years ago#1
I seriously don't get it. I just tried out Dark Souls (the first game) and the experience was utterly ridiculous. Who seriously thinks this is a good game or am I missing something?

It started me off in a jail cell, then I left using the key. Along the hallway it tells me the controls and I kill 3 monsters (none of which attack) then I save at a "bonfire". After that I am greeted by a massive (and very pissed off) demon with a large hammer. He kills me. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again.

Like this over and over and over with not even the smallest smidge of damage to him.

Now I understand a difficult boss fight but this is ridiculousness to the point of absurdity. Who actually has fun with this?
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User Info: JMartinho

3 years ago#2
You could try exploring the boss area, and you'd find a way to escape to your left.
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User Info: wizardmon

3 years ago#3
It's intended that you run away from him through a door.
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User Info: WyzeGye

3 years ago#4
yup, then come at him from a different angle.... it all makes sense when you explore

User Info: Shub

3 years ago#5
I didn't get very far into the game because it wasn't really for me, but the game is very much about exploration, finding things yourself, etc. if you can't get past a monster, it means you have to figure out another way around it or you will later find a weapon or item of some kind enabling you to defeat the beast.
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User Info: Joni_Cunningham

3 years ago#6
because it doesn't hold your hand
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User Info: DarthAragorn

3 years ago#7
oh man I lol'd

User Info: IcyFlamez96

3 years ago#8
At least wait until you understand the game mechanics before you make these types of posts.
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User Info: CELTEKK

3 years ago#9
you clearly have no idea what you're doing.

learn from death. you apparently have no clue how to do that.

if you don't like dying or learning or adapting, this game isn't for you. simple.

sure there are other factors that people don't like, but those are usually the definitive ones. I'm not one of the hardcore cultists, if you don't like it you don't like it.

User Info: cody4783

3 years ago#10
While I openly admit to just giving up on the game initially not long after getting to Firelink because I went in blind and knew f*** all about how everything I was doing was wrong...

The game rewards exploration, and not taking the direct "I MUST plow through and kill everything RIGHT NOW" approach. The game never told you you had to fight the boss. It also never said you didn't, nor that anything relied on killing him NOW instead of later.

The entire premise of the game is to beat the living s*** out of you for every time you get cocky or think you know the answer to something. If something seems impossible, chances are you can (and should) avoid it and come back later when you're better equipped, higher level, or just generally more familiar with the game mechanics.

Now I'm not going to bash or praise the game. It is what it is really; I've got 50+ hours in it, and still have a hard time saying it's "Fun"; It's a challenge, and occasionally rewarding when you get to swear at the boss you just killed, rather than just swearing at it because it killed you for the 50th time.
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  3. Can someone explain to me why Dark Souls is popular?

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