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My computer shuts off during some games...

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User Info: Neo_PortaPotty

3 years ago#11
SaltyBotz posted...
Is it the CPU or the GPU running 84C? If its the CPU, then that is way too hot. Depending on your GPU, 84C is fine if you're running a very graphically intensive game.

Well assuming he's running a haswell cpu that shouldn't shut it down its rated to I think around 104f and not that high if he's on a stock cooler but still not a good temp but if that's an amd cpu I'm amazed it's not blackened yet. But yea TC what model cpu what heatsink what GPU and what psu are you using kinda need to know these things if you want help.
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User Info: ToastyOne

3 years ago#12
Take off the side panel and play any game that causes a shutdown. Make notice of any changes. Do games play longer until problems occur? Did no shutdowns happen at all? Nothing changed?
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