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How many of you have abandoned consoles?

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User Info: Twindragonfang

3 years ago#61
I haven't played a console in over a year. I might pick up a PS3/4 in the next year or two tho.

User Info: TrueGB

3 years ago#62
I've not so much lost interest in consoles as I have generic, microtransaction driven AAA games. And right now it looks like this gen will have a lot of those games (and indies). Most of the better indies come out on PC anyway; however, it's still too early and it's possible someone will pull a rabbit out of their hat. I'm still expecting Sony to get the PS4 signed on as a registered Steam machine with full Steam support.
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User Info: Dukaduka1k82

3 years ago#63
Cool_Dude667 posted...
Too many good games on the 3DS/DS
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User Info: Minamo

3 years ago#64
I've done the opposite; All I see on PC these days are a bunch of crappy indie games and console ports I'd rather rent on Gamefly.

User Info: Easysicks

3 years ago#65
Being a fan of both portable gaming and jrpg's, there's simply no way I'm ever abandoning consoles. I'd sooner abandon PC gaming. Thankfully, we ain't gotta choose.
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User Info: KOTRwhoops

3 years ago#66
I play my PC more than consoles but I will never abandon them. They have too many good games and some games are just better suited to console.

I am a gamer, where the good games are, is where I am, I don't care about platform.
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User Info: dementedlullaby

3 years ago#67
I've always played consoles, handhelds and PC personally. I started with consoles though. My dad had an Atari 2600 and my parents bought me a NES. A few years later they got me an old school Gameboy and SNES about a year after release. I even won a Genesis in a box of Sugar Crisps when I was a kid =p man that was sweet. Started PC gaming around the time of Warcraft 2 and have been since.
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User Info: Xatrion

3 years ago#68
I built my first PC back in 2011 and haven't looked back. Consoles don't offer anything really worthwhile anymore.
Hate to sound like an elitist, and I don't condemn anyone for prefering consoles, but for me, everything's just better on PC.
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User Info: jake-sf

3 years ago#69
Consoles have long stopped having a place.

The last console I own is a GC.

Handhelds have some purpose but in the end, we really should just all have open platforms.

The era of closed console should have been left behind long ago.

Consoles exist against the benefit of the costumers, regardless of their incapacity to see that. They only make gaming worse.

It was different back when the PC wasn't what it was today, and when consoles/gaming as a whole was more niche, but we're long passed that.
I haven't "abandoned' either PC or console, but I have always primarily been a console gamer. Way back when, it was because I didn't have a computer, more recently because there are very few PC games I actually want to play.

There have been a few exceptions to this. 8-9 years ago, me and a bunch of friends from work played Final Fantasy XI all the time with the first computer I ever bought, an eMachine I got mainly for doing online stuff and playing Doom and the like (AMD Athlon 1.47 Ghz, 512MB RAM, 2x WD 80GB HDD, Radeon 8500 All-In-Wonder 256MB 3D)

I always was, if such a thing exists, a 'casual' PC gamer. I didn't have the inclination to sink hundreds and hundreds of dollars into upgrades(unlike a close friend of mine who actually gave me that Radeon card - at the time it cost almost half what my entire system had) but then in early 2012, another friend(who is actually my best friend, and the other guy is his cousin) literally had to upgrade before his system died and took everything he'd ever done with it. So he had his cousin build him a system and someone he knew online got him into City of Heroes. I tried to play it, but on that eMachine(which by this point, the only thing left original was the CPU and case) it would barely even run the tutorial, and when it tried to load the game itself it just gave up.^_^ So I took the plunge and upgraded to the system I have now, AMD 3.4Ghz quad, 4GB RAM, WD 500GB HDD, nVidia Geforce GTX 460)

With that, I started playing CoH, and from the first day I did so, I literally did not play a single game on my 360 until NCsuck ****ed us all over.>_> In fact, the only times I even turned my 360 on were to watch new episodes of Doctor Who. After CoH closed down, I got into The Secret World and gave FFXI another try, but soloing that gets really boring. I'm still on TSW and I've got some time in DCUO, and I also play GTA San Andreas PC(a hacked version from my friend), and what I tend to do is go back and forth; play PC for a few days, play console for a few days. Upgrade-wise, I haven't bought an Xbox One yet and really have no burning desire to, but I've never been an early adopter(Xbox and 360, I didn't get either of them until a year or two after they came out). Plus, with WinXP going bye-bye, I had to upgrade my OS, so when I got Win7 I just went ahead and got another HDD and some more RAM.(a WD 1TB and 8GB RAM)

So no, I haven't 'abandoned' my console, I just divide my time equally.:D
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