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How the hell do people stream so much when the highest data cap is 250GB?

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  3. How the hell do people stream so much when the highest data cap is 250GB?

User Info: zerojustice

3 years ago#31
Wheres everyone from? Im in Southern California and none of the ISPs in my area have any data caps.

User Info: Digital Storm

Digital Storm
3 years ago#32
Canada, but I pay extra for no cap. It's fairly common to have a data usage cap around here though.
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User Info: LordSeifer

3 years ago#33
i think you would need more than streaming to breach 250gb cap

unless you watch 12 hours of netfilx a day, in which case, well, sorry about your life
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User Info: Jhtiel

3 years ago#34
No cap here.

User Info: neroAngelo

3 years ago#35
250GB is A LOT. I stream constantly and don't even come close to hitting it.
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User Info: Tony_Biggie_Pun

3 years ago#36
h3IIfir3pho3nix posted...
You peasants and your data caps.

User Info: Kageblade23

3 years ago#37
some people are lucky enough to be under that isp or in that area where caps are non existent....
with that said i do see what you mean... however i dont run caps so downloading and uploading HARD!
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User Info: Arucard05

3 years ago#38
I only heard that data caps were a thing like a year ago.
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User Info: SneakiestNeg

3 years ago#39
First torrenting has legal applications, second how is it their business what your traffic is? Land of the free.

User Info: ArthasReborn

3 years ago#40
Most of my friends are have plans between 60GB and 90GB, so they don't stream if they can help it. I pay around $80 a month for unlimited, which they don't have an option for.

Plans vary from region to region. Some places can have totally atrocious plans that are overpriced and totally lack value, while others can have great prices with lots of value.
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  3. How the hell do people stream so much when the highest data cap is 250GB?

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