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What is the best PC FPS game?

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User Info: WyzeGye

3 years ago#1
I like Call of Duty: Ghosts... easily the best FPS available on PC.

How about you guys?

User Info: silverine1

3 years ago#2
It was truly revolutionary, and what more developers should strive for. Have a game to be remembered through the ages long after the fall of the human race.
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User Info: CatToy

3 years ago#3
pon pon way way way ponpon way pon way pon pon, way way ponponpon way way pon way pon way way.

User Info: protools1983

3 years ago#4
Xbox One - The console that made me the PC gamer I am today.
Yah like dahgs?

User Info: Joni_Cunningham

3 years ago#5
Halo 3
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User Info: Jprime666

3 years ago#6
Downloading Ghosts now. 35 minutes to go. My body won't be ready.
Indeed! Verily, I say... Ergo!

User Info: Orestes417

3 years ago#7
Clearly ricochet 3
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User Info: Silent Sniper IV

Silent Sniper IV
3 years ago#8
CoD ghosts is my favorite cod. That says a lot since every years cod is basically solid gold
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User Info: Xeyark

3 years ago#9
Duke Nukem: Forever

I grew up with the Duke Nukem games on the N64, but the freedom you get from using the mouse and keyboard was a massive improvement over the 64 controller.

Though honestly, I never had a memory pak on my 64. I only played maybe 1 or 2 levels before having to start over when I died...
Steam/PSN: Xeyark
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User Info: Lemur_H

3 years ago#10
Mine: ARMA.
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