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Confirm/Deny: Controllers killed Arena FPS

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User Info: djprofessork1

3 years ago#31
It's the dumbing-down of games that killed arena shooters.

Highly skilled games are not made anymore. Games are made to cater to the lowest common denominator.
Game publishers & Stockholders basically see all gamers as Dollar signs with legs. They don't trust the average gamer to be able to handle a game like Unreal tournament or quake 3. They don't even trust you will be able to play a game with more than 2 guns at once. Everything has to be idiot-proof nowadays.

User Info: DaedalusEx

3 years ago#32
Arsene-Lupin posted...
Keyboards only offer 4-direction input.

8 direction. And you don't seem to be grasping the idea behind keyboard and mouse. With proper KB/M controls, the camera is linked with character movement, and thus the mouse lends it's superior precision to your movement in addition to aiming. KB/M is not only better at aiming, it is also better at moving; this is why gamepad FPS are much slower paced and have much less vertical movement:

You're also neglecting to mention that moving your character and camera simultaneously with a controller leaves you with a serious input deficiency, being able to hit only 2 buttons unless you reposition your hand into a horribly uncomfortable position, like "the claw:"
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