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So Turtle Rock just fired their community manager over a tweet...

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  3. So Turtle Rock just fired their community manager over a tweet...

User Info: The Hulkster II

The Hulkster II
3 years ago#11
He's a community manager. He is the face of the company relation with its customers. if he is going out and saying things the company doesn't agree with he can and should be fired. If you do not agree with this you haven't worked in the corporate world. You have the right to say whatever you want. That doesn't mean you are protected from the consequences of saying it.
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User Info: it_r_over9000

3 years ago#12
Lmfao its JD_2020 AKA the stealth clown from Infinity Ward in the MW2 days.
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User Info: Arucard05

3 years ago#13
I agree with what homeboy said, but yeah I would have fired him too.
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User Info: Little_Tyranius

3 years ago#14
I'd much rather have someone like him in a position of power than a pro-feminist white knight who agrees with asinine laws like "drunk sex is rape".

In my country we're on election year, and there are commercials all the time talking about the great benefits women are receiving and will still receive, and then some woman comes in and says "we can't let them [referring to men] speak for us. Let's be part of the politics". no, I don't want my country to regress.

User Info: drink

3 years ago#15
When will people learn how to tweet without getting fired.
You didn't try google, you made that up...
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User Info: Little_Tyranius

3 years ago#16
Huge coward move on there part. I will not be supporting them in any way.

Me neither, any company who does stuff due to fear of backlash gets no support from me. I demonize this whole "he posted controversial stuff on his facebook/twitter, so let's fire him".

It's the same ballpark of when Nintendo didn't allow Binding of Isaac because some people might be offended by its mockery of religion. protip: if a game offends you, don't play it. But Nintendo likes to treat its consumer base as toddlers sucking their thumbs and as such, will be getting no money from me anymore.

User Info: SaltyBotz

3 years ago#17
If a company fires someone because they got butthurt over an employee defending someone, then they can go suck a big one. See if I buy any games from Turtle Rock. I'll add them to the list of companies I'll no longer support like EA/Bioware/Blizzard.

But in all honesty in the day and age of the PC police, you're better off sharing opinions like that WITHOUT using your real name so there are no repercussions. This way the only thing the ones who don't like what you say can do is go pound sand.

User Info: johnny_pay

3 years ago#18
probably violated their social media policy.

User Info: therickmu25

3 years ago#19
You're better off murdering a person than calling a black person a name in America.

User Info: ShadowThaReaper

3 years ago#20
They've gotten tons of backlash because of what they did. People need to stop defending things like this. Freedom of speech is more than a constitutional amendment. It's a principle.

Someone doesn't have to be affiliated with the state or government to infringe upon your right to life. Someone doesn't have to be affiliated with the state or government to infringe upon your right to speech. When you can't get a job because you accidentally stated your opinion in front of someone, even in the comfort of your own home, that's not healthy for society.

Especially with the media going after everyone who says something wrong. We now have the 2 minute hate from 1984. It's like every single week they're thinking of who to hate next. The media is a courtroom, and every court case takes place in a kangaroo court where the goal is to cause as much strife as possible.

Witch hunts are fun and games until it's your opinion that's next on the chopping block.

Just you wait until a group of people decide that you and your family don't deserve livelihood because you had the audacity to have a differing opinion. Even from the comfort of your own home.
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