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I've never understood ad-blocking.

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User Info: bkkorps

3 years ago#21
if you used the internet in the 90s, I would posit that you would more likely to use adblock software. You were more or less required to have a popup blocker, and when you are on a 56k modem, that huge annoying flash add takes longer to load then the rest of the content of the site.

Hell, that was one of the reasons I stuck around on this site, as it was primarily text only, versus some of the other sites (like gamespot) used the more advanced forums that took too long to load on crappy internet.
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User Info: Vindication123

3 years ago#22
One of the reasons why watching videos on the internet was so nice is because there were no commercials to interrupt the viewing. Like owning a DVD.
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User Info: SilentCaay

3 years ago#23
Ads can be annoying (or worse) so I resort to Ad Blocker. If a site doesn't want me to use Ad Blocker then they need to solve the reason I'm using it in the first place. That's on them, not me.

The whole thing is that ad companies got greedy since it's so much easier to check the effect of an ad on the internet. They shell out tons of money to put ads on tv and you aren't even in the room when it plays because that's bathroom break time or grab a snack time. On the internet, though? Oh, hell no. That's not even close to good enough. They have to steal your screen, steal your speakers, steal your CPU, steal your bandwidth, steal your mouse, monitor click-through rates, track you, etc. If they could just stick with the tv theory that simply having the ad there is good enough then we wouldn't be in this mess.
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User Info: macmahon187

3 years ago#24
Do you click on the ads to generate revenue? No, then stfu
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User Info: Steamster

3 years ago#25
People are selfish scumbags.

Shouldn't be a surprise.

User Info: Ravenoussd

3 years ago#26
simply put....we deal with ads EVERYWHERE....all day long we are exposed to ads...i'd rather not junk up my senses anymore than i have to

User Info: Cool_Dude667

3 years ago#27
adblock & noscript now and forever
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User Info: ebj767

3 years ago#28
I get the points being made, but the reality is, most people use a blanket approach to ad-blocker...all my friends, they install ad-blocker, set to block at all ads from everywhere, and just leave it. People say they leave ad-blocker on and turn it off for certain sites, but I'm sure it just stays on, all the time. Most people just don't care to click to unblock it.

If you want to use ad-blocker, that's fine, use it how you like. But websites aren't free, and some banner ads which don't hinder my browsing in anyway aren't bothering me and are supporting the content hosts.

The video ads on Youtube, you may claim time is money, but when your favorite Youtuber stops making videos because they have to work and can't use their time on content creation anymore...was it worth 5 seconds to lose one of your favorite content providers? The 5 seconds preview on youtube ADS, BLOCK IT, ITS NOT WORTH SUPPORTING THIS CONTENT CREATOR ON YOUTUBE. ITS AN AD AND ITS EVIL.

The point I'm trying to make was my co-workers felt like every AD is bad. And it didn't matter what site it came from, TPB/GameFAQs/Facebook/TinyWebsiteRunBySomeGuyOutOfHisPocket. They blocked them all, they really don't care if the website they go to read webcomics only makes a little money off the banner ad at the bottom, it is an AD, so it must be blocked.

User Info: schadow

3 years ago#29
Steamster posted...
People are selfish scumbags.

Shouldn't be a surprise.

Yeah, annoying visitors just to generate money to fuel their own web dream. I mean, what the hell man?
MageofBlood391 posted...
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User Info: Myself9

3 years ago#30
macmahon187 posted...
Do you click on the ads to generate revenue? No, then stfu

You don't HAVE to click on ads to generate revenue.

Some advertisers pay per the thousands of page views.

Like most other forms of advertising.

When was the last time you clicked on a radio ad or a billboard? Somebody got paid for you seeing or hearing that ad.

You should probably learn a little bit about the subject matter before you start throwing around big boy words.
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