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Crossfire - n00b mistake, but interesting results

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User Info: smelly_boob

3 years ago#1
I bought a 2nd r9 270x on ebay and installed it. I mistakenly installed it in the pcie x4 slot.... so my two video cards were literally right next to each other with a mm or two of space between them... after the first card got above 90 C during bf4 (while the bottom card was only at 60 C)... i figured something wasnt right. I tried googling the mobo to see if others complained about it being bad for crossfire but found nothing...

Luckily I opened the case and discovered that I mistakenly used the x4 instead of x16 slot for the 2nd card... I re-installed it and even just an inch of space between the two dropped the top card temp 20 C... and improved my firestrike 3dmark by over 300 points by using the x16 slot instead of x4

tl;dr use the correct pcix16 slot for your 2nd video card :)

User Info: Knifegash

3 years ago#2
I switched PSU's, and when I put everything back together, the resolution was 800x600 on my 1440p monitor (which looks absolutely hilarious on that screen) and I realized I swapped GPU placements. I didn't think it needed to be the exact configuration as before, but apparently so.

After swapping slots, everything was back to normal, and I tried out Blacklist to see if everything was going fine. I was at around 60-70 fps and thought that sounded right, so I backed out. I saw one GPU was way cooler than the other and thought that was weird! Well, I saw on the Nvidia control panel that SLI was disabled! Apparently it disables itself when things are moved around, so I turned it back on and tried Blacklist again, and it hit my framecap at 120 which surprised me! That's my dual-gpu story, haha my old PSU was a piece of crap that actually didn't transfer 850w, it was closer to 650w, so once I cranked settings the whole thing shut off and reset, so I got a new gold rated, modular one. Well worth the money, everything looks great!
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User Info: CheeseCurls

3 years ago#3
most cards without blower style fans choke hardcore when placed next to each other. Some motherboards require this anyway, and it gets worse when looking to setup 3 cards.

It gets frustrating when you want to setup tri-fire but can't get a hold of any reference cards.
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User Info: popping4it

3 years ago#4
HAHAHAHA pc graphics hardware you know what im sayin?
whens mahvel?
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