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How many you PC gamers only play PC games & no console gaming ? POLL

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  3. How many you PC gamers only play PC games & no console gaming ? POLL

User Info: Th1rte3n

3 years ago#21
PC only, but I own all the consoles just in case something catches my interest.
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User Info: cjburn851

3 years ago#22
I only bought my PC a little under 2 years ago. I sold all current consoles to game on PC exclusively.

I do however still own a NES top loader with roughly 40 games, if that counts.
Gaming in the 90's > Everything else

User Info: Bekness

3 years ago#23
Chetyre posted...
Have a PS3, but I boot it very rarely for the exclusives. Last games I played were Nier and Neptunia Victory.

If you like Hyperdimension Neptunia series you may like this

I only heard about it a while ago. R<3B xx
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User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
3 years ago#24
CoolFangs posted...
PC is my dominant platform, however I do play some consoles, mainly for exclusives.

Now Playing: Grand Theft Auto V
Waiting: Watch Dogs, Dragon Age Inquisition, Batman Arkham Knight, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

User Info: TheMadToker

3 years ago#25
Pc only, I haven't owned a console since Nintendo 64 , I just haven't seen any need to, and even when I owned the 64 I only played a hand full of games, did most of my gaming on PC
"It's like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain!" ~Murphy

User Info: Inferno700

3 years ago#26
PC, Wii U, and 3DS well slow me to play every game I am interested in.
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User Info: SinisterSlay

3 years ago#27
Of course I play console.
Currently my PC can't emulate PS2 so I am working on my PS2 backlog.

Presently working on Valkyrie Profile 2. Up to just after defeating hrist and all but Rufus have left me :(

I don't own a ps3, ps4, x360 or x1 though because too few JRPG's on all of those consoles.
He who stumbles around in darkness with a stick is blind. But he who... sticks out in darkness... is... fluorescent! - Brother Silence

User Info: ThePonyCollie

3 years ago#28
PC and Vita only. No time for consoles.
No Steam, no buy.

User Info: GunmaN1905

3 years ago#29
PC+all playstation consoles for me.

If there was no console exclusives I'd probably be only on PC, but most of my favorite single-player game series are on consoles.
On pc I mostly play online and single-player is reserved for PS games. It also depends on the genre.
PSN: GunmaN1905

User Info: Nemerlight

3 years ago#30
I grew up with PS2 and always loved consoles but PC is great for games like Team Fortress 2, WoW and some indie stuff.
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is the best PC game of 2012.
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