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How many you PC gamers only play PC games & no console gaming ? POLL

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  3. How many you PC gamers only play PC games & no console gaming ? POLL

User Info: Flaktrooper123

3 years ago#51
The only other thing I play is handhelds. I don't think I want a console for now.

User Info: Marikhen

3 years ago#52
PC only.

Of course I also play console ports and emulated PC games, but it's all on the PC so it's PC-only. :-)
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User Info: temgun

3 years ago#53
Well I have a 3DS, PS3, 360 and Wii, but I can't even remember the last time I touched any of them. So I guess PC only? I have no interest in PS4 or Xbone, so there's that too.

User Info: claytonbuckley

3 years ago#54
I voted for PC + console, but my console is a WiiU so........
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User Info: Slayn

3 years ago#55
Love my 3ds, only used my Gamecube and Wii for Smash Bros. PS3 is a glorified blu-ray player. Will NOT be getting a PS4.
You can spend $400 on a console and $400 on a cheap PC, or you can spend $800 to build your own and have the best of both worlds.

User Info: turtlebeach21

3 years ago#56
PC Gaming ONLY. I hate consoles.


3 years ago#57
Consoles just aren't worth the price tags to me anymore. Last one I bought was a ps2, I waited a long time for a reasonable price on the ps3, it never happened and now the ps4 is out. I'm thinking consoles just aren't going to be in my acceptable price range anymore, considering I would only play 4-5 games in it's entire life span.

To clarify it's not that I can't afford a console, it is just that the cost/benefit ratio is extremely bad for someone like myself who won't use it much at all.
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User Info: XtremeWRATH360

3 years ago#58
Mainly my PC but i have a Wii U and 3DS i still use and a 360 i use maybe once a month
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User Info: Atrix65

3 years ago#59
PC only. I only like few of the console exclusives, so I think buying one would be a waste of money.
A big fan of stealth yet suck at it since 2009.

User Info: Lvthn

3 years ago#60
I've migrated more towards PC. I used to PC game exclusively, but there were enough console exclusives to entice me. Lately though, not so much. Haven't touched my PS4 in a long time, not because I'm dissatisfied with it but because why bother.
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