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Burial at Sea DLC worth it for...$20?

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  3. Burial at Sea DLC worth it for...$20?

User Info: notonlyagamer

3 years ago#11
Nope, the base game is less expensive, I'll wait for the inevitable GOTY edition.
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User Info: CheeseCurls

3 years ago#12
they both were fun to play, part 1 was too short though, part 2 is a departure from the infinite gameplay that works great

however the story of these DLCs kills the plot of infinite in such a horrible way that its left a bad taste in my mouth about them
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User Info: dekou

3 years ago#13
Episode 1 is terribly overpriced. It's three hours of utter mediocrity. Episode 2 is good, but not worth 20$ by itself. Story wise, both are questionable and a bit disappointing overall.

They're worth playing through, but I'd wait for a sale. There are better games to buy for 20$, like Child of Light.
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User Info: pothocket

3 years ago#14
After playing through both DLCs, no they're not worth $20 together.
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