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Good laptop for an artist? Under $1000

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User Info: SolidDBZ

3 years ago#1
No Mac. I have a desktop you guys helped me build a few years ago. It's not top of the line anymore but I don't play games that often on it. It handles Zbrush, Silo and Blender well. Problem is I'm too constrained to my room and the little time I'm home I'd like to at least be around my family when I'm doing something on the computer. Moving the desktop is not an option. What's a good laptop for 3D work and some basic sketching in Autodesk Sketchbook. Under $1000. I guess I could game too, don't need high settings.
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User Info: Slayn

3 years ago#2
Mac with all the other "artists". Then you can fit in at Starbucks.
You can spend $400 on a console and $400 on a cheap PC, or you can spend $800 to build your own and have the best of both worlds.

User Info: Dorami

3 years ago#3
Let's list all the great features the sub 1000 Macbook Air has for artists:

Haswell Core i5 1.4 GHz
Intel HD 5000
13" display
1366x768 resolution
TN panel
55% sRGB


Sub-1000 new laptops are not good for art work because they generally have more than 1 weakness: Low hardware specs so that it is slow and/or sluggish, small and/or low resolution panels to make it hard to see, TN panel for bad viewing angles, bad color saturation.

The MBA is an example that has all of these weaknesses combined into one.

Your best bet is to watch the Dell/Lenovo/HP outlets for used workstations. If you're feeling brave about the warranty, you can also get one off eBay for much cheaper than on the outlet. Something like the Precision M4700 or the Thinkpad W530 would work better than a new computer.
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User Info: iimthomas

3 years ago#4
get something with a pressure sensitive pen and screen so you can draw on it like a cintiq

i have an asus smart pc pro 700, i think its cheaper than 1000$ right now

has an i5, and 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

or get a surface pro

User Info: SolidDBZ

3 years ago#5
Thanks for the comments. I'm seriously debating this because I'm so tempted to just build a new, much better desktop but being constrained to my room is a huge con. What about a gaming laptop from xotic, one around 1300. Won't their gaming laptops work well for 3d work?

No Surface because the screen is just too small for any serious 3d work in my opinion. I need things like images for reference, I will probably keep a screen downstairs because I'm so used to dual screen.
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