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New PC; Recommend games for me please.

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User Info: ShoeBoxPingPong

3 years ago#1
'K so I've replaced my old PC with one that can run something more than Solitaire (exaggeration but you get the point).

Due to previous constraints by old PC's I've never really got into PC gaming, but am tempted to spread my wings now.

All recommendations welcome as long as they can somehow be run on Windows 7.

To give you an idea:

I've got Burnout Paradise (though the effing thing won't work >:( )
Will be getting South Park: Stick of Truth (love the cartoon & like turn based rpg's too).
Thinking of getting PES '14 (but might get '13 as I've not heard much good stuff about '14)

Previous games I've effectively bought PC's for have been Championship Manager/Football Manager, Worms series (2D) and Civilization IV.

Other games I've enjoyed are Fallout 1 & 2, Sam & Max, Dreamfall, Chaos League Sudden Death, Jagged Alliance 2, League of Legends and Fahrenheit.

Normally hate FPS but Far Cry 3 piqued my interest somewhat with it's RDR similarities in hunting and different methods to approach each objective.

Not an MMO fan by any means (I generally prefer playing LoL with bots :/ ), much rather prefer single-player orientated games.

Don't care if games can't be run at max, as long as I can play it with no hassle, min settings are generally fine for me.
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User Info: Majoras_pants

3 years ago#2
Some older exclusives (last year and earlier) everyone should play:

Planescape Torment
Mount and Blade Warband
Civilization 5
Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes
Total War (All are good, I recommend Shogun 2 and Medieval 2)
Crusader Kings 2
Shadow Warrior
Baldur's Gate 1 and 2
Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2
Path of Exile
Europa Universalis (3 or 4, both are great)

New games to check out (this year):

Age of Wonders 3
Warlock 2
Age of Mythology: Extended Edition
Loadout (You don't seem to like shooters but it's free and really fun)
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User Info: sonic_man00

3 years ago#3
Here's a list of great games.

I'd recommend these to any PC gamer.

Garry's Mod
Portal 2
Battleblock Theater
Civ 4 & 5, 5 is better but 4 is cheaper and less laggy
Battlefield 2 + FXAA and Bloom mod
Deponia is written by Matt Groening and is hilarious, But still interesting.
To The Moon is a art game done right. You have to have some patience though, It doesn't get good until 1-2 hours in.
Half-Minute Hero:Super Mega Neo Climax is a parody of RPGs, But I found it great.
Titan Quest
Command & Conquer 1 for DOS. Use DOSBOX or something like that. Still holds up today.
Mirror's Edge is a little demanding, But I got 30+ FPS when I played it.
Burnout Paradise:The Ultimate Box. Demanding, But its so fun I don't care. Better than the originals.
Terraria is fun in short doses.
Minecraft. Its demanding, And that's my main issue. I've had hours of fun on servers though.

Here are some DOSBox games to try out also.

The Lost Vikings
Commander Keen 4
The Oregon Trail. Its educational, But its hard as heck.
Zork 1, 2 and 3.
Simcity 2000
Windows 8 - AMD Dual-Core E-3000 - 4 GB RAM - ATi Radeon HD 6310
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User Info: ShoeBoxPingPong

3 years ago#4
Thank you both :)

To give you an idea, I've no issues with Burnout at all (canirunthis puts me off the chart) except that it always crashes when it gets to the junkyard first time. Apparently it's a common issue with no definitive solution :( Any ideas on it and I'd be very grateful :)

I keep meaning to get Planescape: Torment, just never sure I'll have the time to properly sit down with it and get into it :(

I love Terraria but hate Minecraft (I am old so might just be a generation thing with the 2D appealing to me more).

Mirror's Edge: Only game I've ever watched a complete LP off. It's aesthetics just blew me away; might pick it up. Thanks for that one.

Strangely enough, the only other game that I've come close to watching to complete LP of is Bastion. Not sure on it though.

Could never get into SimCity2000. For some reason I just preferred the original *shrugs*

I have seen some gameplay of Loadout and I must admit that it does look fun. Might give it a go.

Gonna have to look up some of the others though!
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User Info: ComradeRyan

3 years ago#5
Total War: Rome II.
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User Info: Bekness

3 years ago#6
Which version of Burnout? If you have it on Steam, you could use the CD Key and add it to Origin and try it there. R<3B xx
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User Info: ShoeBoxPingPong

3 years ago#7
It's the DVD version of Burnout which needs to be run through Origin. I've found loads of 'solutions' but none of them work for me. Apparently there's a file missing for one of the songs (which EA never bothered to update for Origin) which causes the crash and disabling it works for some (not for me though).

No compatibility modes work, I'm sure it's not a graphics issue as I've tried to run at lowest settings and still have the same issue. One of my favourite games ever and I can't play it :(

Having a similar problem with another EA game actually - the Free Download for C&C: Tiberian Sun will not install correctly and I've followed the instructions to a tee.

Might be time to just forget about EA games I guess. They don't seem to be too concerned with fixing issues from what I've seen :(
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