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How do you feel about Escort segments in video games?

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  3. How do you feel about Escort segments in video games?

User Info: Steamster

3 years ago#21
I don't really care

Some games do it well, others don't. Either way, I'll deal with it.

User Info: Tiredofhearingu

3 years ago#22
if... the escorted can hide or defend themselves at all I don't usually mind it... If I am having to replay segments over and over because their AI is that they die as soon as they are touched and are too stupid to run away... then it is a major... MAJOR problem... This is why I didn't mind the fact that Ellie being invisible to enemies in TLOU didn't bother me. Yeah it was immersion breaking, but it was an acceptable trade off to not alerting enemies every 5 seconds...

User Info: Chargrilled

3 years ago#23
Never have liked escort missions, or any mission ehere ive got to keep something alive.

Difficult enough at times keeping myself alive let alone worrying about dumb ai.
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User Info: Recino

3 years ago#24
Ico was okay for this (possibly because it was designed around escort, rather than thrown in), but over all I don't particularly like escort quests.
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User Info: Tucker_BA

3 years ago#25
Steamster posted...
I don't really care

Some games do it well, others don't. Either way, I'll deal with it.

User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#26
temgun posted...
It was fun in Resident Evil 4. When you move, Ashley moves right behind you. When you shoot, she ducks. When you tell her to hide, she hides. It simply worked and it was fun.

RE4 definitely nailed it, along with pretty much everything else, it's honestly as close to a perfect game as I can imagine. There's also nothing like using her as a distraction while in the Special 2 costume.
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User Info: Richardthe3rd

3 years ago#27
Almost all of the negative comments here are pinned to WoW escort quests. If we were only talking about these, then he'll yes; escort quests of that kind are absolutely god-awful time sinks that should be banned from game design.

I refuse to believe that escort quests are just universally bad though. If it's not designed around a brain dead and weakling NPC you don't care about then it can be pretty interesting or even fun.
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User Info: cow1578

3 years ago#28
I enjoyed attacking the Enclave next to that big-*** robot in Fallout 3.

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User Info: hitokiri13

3 years ago#29
Digital Storm posted...
There used to be an early WoW quest that had an escort quest that took like 20 minutes to complete. Which, if you were on a PvP server, could prove to be difficult. Thankfully it was in an out of the way zone and not heavily trafficked. It was still a pain in the ass.

That said, I hate them.

Yeah it is but they should made it better. Change escort to like a adventure quest with a follower. Where you have to travel far as a low level. Have it more interesting or else people will complain it's too long. Gain decent rewards and experience to prevent people to force themselves to quest just because leveling or items. For people who enjoys a story.

Idea is town to town travel like in those TV shows or anime in fantasy or medieval settings. Where you pick up a follower and help guide to there destination. While you stop by a town you and the quest follower would complete quests lines that range from action to romance type of stories. Just like a TV and anime show. Pandaria is closest thing to that idea if you did one of the quest line.
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User Info: mjc0961

3 years ago#30
Digital Storm posted...
I hate them.

bluemoogle posted...
They're crap.

Bekness posted...
I really hate these.

pwnater777 posted...
God, I'd rather go through QTEs.

MortalDanger posted...
Awful. Never had one where I've thought, "huh, well that wasn't so bad". Not once.
sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.
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