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How do you feel about Escort segments in video games?

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User Info: Doomsday Forte

Doomsday Forte
3 years ago#41
This is the first I've heard of RE4 having dynamic difficulty. I never really noticed it the last time I played. Cool.

If the escort mission is stacked heavily against you (hordes of enemies, weak ally who can't fight and is perfectly content to stand still and let said hordes decimate him/her), then yeah, that's not fun at all. Escort missions where you're the one being escorted aren't bad either, though they're pretty rare. If the ally is competent and doesn't get in the way or is immune to your damage and so on, then it's not excruciating.

Since I've been playing it, I'll mention Warframe here. Rescue is one of the core missions, and you go through an area blasting enemies to bits to come to a cell block, where you release a POW and escort him/her to the exit and clear the level. Until recently, it was one of the most-hated missions in the player base, and it's understandable. The AI would try to keep up with you and hide, but it had to be babysat a lot. And they liked to get stuck on terrain...and if they hit 0 health, they died immediately, mission failed, try again. Napalm + Rescue = No thanks. It's gotten much better recently though. You can give the escort a sidearm they'll use to attack enemies and if they run out of health, you have a few seconds to revive them back to max and not instant-fail.

This is one of the better examples of escort missions, I think. They're hard enough, but it's not a cheap fake difficulty. The escort still sometimes gets stuck, but at least they're not entirely sitting ducks.
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User Info: Ivany2008

3 years ago#42
RE4 and Bioshock did it right, WoW does it right on occasion, other games make it extremely painful to do.

User Info: CELTEKK

3 years ago#43
Slayn posted...
They need to die in a fire. Either the NPC is slow and it takes forever or the NPC is an idiot and dies easily. There are no fun escort missions. Worse than QTE.

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User Info: Ragnawind

3 years ago#44
I don't really mind escort missions. Yes, they can sometimes be difficult, but that isn't really a bad thing. It basically forces you to think of a way to get it done, if it is more difficult. Some people nowadays don't use their head much and escort missions in games can force you to do so.

User Info: hyjinx17

3 years ago#45
PhilOnDez posted...
hyjinx17 posted...
The only "escort" mission I've ever not hated was in Bioshock Infinite and that's because I don't want to fail because of a stupid NPC.

That's why I absolutely despise Resident Evil 4 despite it's popularity. Escort missions/games always suck unless the person you're escorting is in story alone.

I have to disagree. Ashley was actually fairly tough to everything besides Leon's own attacks, anything you do directly to her is an instakill but you can torture her with environmental damage (bear traps, lanterns, etc) and it'll barely put a dent in your healing supplies, especially since 90% of enemies won't attack her since they're under orders to take her alive and all it takes is one shot or even a knife swipe to incapacitate them once they've grabbed her. If that's still not enough you can make her tougher if you want. Couple that with RE4's adaptive difficulty (struggle with certain enemies and their health rolls will drop, miss a lot of shots and ammo will drop, Ashley gets grabbed a lot and she'll get grabbed less, pretty much every aspect of Normal's difficulty is dynamic, all professional does is lock every enemy variable to its highest value) and the fact that you can have her handle the 'Mash A to open the gate!' sequences and she should never be frustrating.

As for WoW's escort quests, I remember one, in Cata I think, where Harrison Jones escorts you. You just follow him around while he destroys everything. I think they realized how bad they were at making them.

Difficulty isn't why I dislike Resident Evil 4. I don't want to be a baby sitter. The fact that I have to keep an eye on Ashley and when she does get grabbed it effectively puts a time limit on the game where I have to save her and considering every single form of time limit is something else I hate in games, this just annoys me to no end. I want to worry about my character that I have 100% control over and nothing else.
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User Info: A_Sunbro

3 years ago#46
It's honestly a toss-up between Escort Missions and force feeding myself a nail. It's pretty down to the wire at this point.
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User Info: xXSkyrazorXx

3 years ago#47
It depends on how the escort quests are handled, but most of them are either just boring or a sort of cop out.

From time to time, though, they're okay. A good example, I think, are the fast paced escorts in Mass Effect 3's co-op multiplayer. Short and sweet without being too much of a pain.

User Info: snaggleoooo

3 years ago#48
cow1578 posted...
I enjoyed attacking the Enclave next to that big-*** robot in Fallout 3.

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That was an escort quest, but it was basically Liberty Prime escorting you, rather than vice versa. Plus it was a superpowered killing machine.

User Info: Newave

3 years ago#49
Escort and protect missions are as a rule agonizing, I hate them and they ruin just about any game.

I agree that Eileen is one of the better ones, she's one of very few exceptions, she's the polar opposite of Ashley Graham in Resident Evil 4.
Eileen can die and you most certainly fail if she does, but she's not super worthless, useless and helpless, she doesn't actively seek out death like Ashley does.
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User Info: Stilghar

3 years ago#50
Escort missions in flight sims and air/space combat shooters I can generally tolerate. Same with the ones in the old MechWarrior games, particularly Mercenaries. Your charge may be slow and lumbering, but you usually have access to some long-range weapons and can often keep hostiles far enough away that they don't pose a threat to whatever you're escorting - and in some games, your charge may have some teeth of its own.

In action games and RPGs, though, they tend to be atrocious.
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