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WoW - what's changed since wotlk?

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User Info: Orestes417

3 years ago#41
Meant LFG
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User Info: jakisthe

3 years ago#42
I miss WotLK so. Truly one of my most salient gaming experiences.
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User Info: majinbuu58

3 years ago#43
Talent system has been revamped to be useful. Each talent you can choose from is worthwhile and talents could/should be changed based on the encounter

User Info: Conker

3 years ago#44
Orestes417 posted...
Meant LFG

That doesn't really make sense in the context of your sentence. "LFG group" (or even just "LFG") you'll never see again? What would that be in reference to?

I'm pretty sure LFR was what you meant, as it fits perfectly with the rest of your post and the other meaning wouldn't really make sense or would never happen.
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User Info: Orestes417

3 years ago#45
Was in reference to the preceding cross realm queuing, which started with LFG and got worse from there. LFG was one of the first nails in the coffin for server community.
Bled dry from the inside, darkest of weather
I'll be your mirror we can shatter together

User Info: Silent Sniper IV

Silent Sniper IV
3 years ago#46
I really kind of dig LFR/flex in most ways.

I've liked cross-realm functionality a LOT because I've been able to set up content (ie- challenge modes) with people I know who have all spread to different servers, and been able to play with gaming communities that I'm a part of but we otherwise wouldn't be able to play with each other.

What I don't dig is having to do multiple runs of lfr/flex to prepare for normal. Running through content on four separate difficulties for gearcheck reasons or expecting a carry is kind of uncool. I think WoD is fixing this complaint?

Super duper unpopular wish: At this point I wish alliance/horde could group together for dungeons/raids so that I can just play with the same small set of gaming communities that I've played with pretty much forever and just never interact with anyone else on the server. I'm the problem with video games :V.

That would be different on stuff like open world sandbox pvp games, but wow basically feels like "Weekly boss rush on tuesday reset/pubstomp with your bros" to me now. I don't know if getting rid of LFR would change that, because I feel like most people get entrenched in a guild and just ignore the rest of the server anyway. Thats how it was even back when I was doing MC/BWL in vanilla. I never really thought of wow as being much of strong social experience due to the heavy instancing, compared to stuff like UO/EQ.
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User Info: el_Dubble

3 years ago#47
Woah, I came back expecting mixed reactions but most of it is negative.

A lot of informative posts about raiding, but how is the pvp aspect? I spent basically all my time in BG's with my guild and it was sick.

Are their new game types? Player limits?
Are the newer maps decent?

Any new pvp modes?

Thanks for posts so far bro's.


3 years ago#48
I think that the most significant change is that Raids are now accessible endgame content that you can queue for like you did for heroics instances back in WOTLK.

In a way, raids are now the relevant endgame content for all players, where before, only a part of the population got into raiding because it required organization and a guild that consisted of at least a certain amount of dedicated players.

Personally I do not think it got any worse. It is just that the game is now a few years older and people have grown more tired of it. Most people's fondest memories of the game were in Vanilla. If you were to go back to the vanilla style of play now, no one would like it. The best thing about the game back then is that it was new.
(classes only have one viable endgame spec, waiting times for BG's, lack of balance in PvP, no features to help you organize raids, even non-raid content requiring you to stand in the capital for an hour to put a 15-man group together just to go to UBRS, no mounts till level 40 etc. you can go on forever).
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User Info: majinbuu58

3 years ago#49
The negative reactions are pretty lame(and mostly unwarranted) though. The game is probably the best its ever been, but to be honest, after playing for so long, i'm just done with it.

User Info: o0stoneduk0o

3 years ago#50
The entire world is just a giant waiting lobby for raids with people you wont become friends with.
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